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Sun, Nov. 26th, 2006, 02:23 am
isukatthisgame: something im working on

Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to the mastermind Mr. Lucas. This is for fun, not money.

Two Jedi Knights walk alone in the court yards of Alderaan, their dark brown hoods hang over their heads to hide themselves from the droids placed about the court yard at Senator Organa’s palace where he was held captive.

“This would be so much easier if we had more Jedi, Master.” Anakin whispered to his Master Obi Wan Kenobi as they walk under a stone entryway.

“Yes, but Anakin Jedi don’t just fall out of the sky.” As soon as the words left Obi Wan’s lips a women dropped in front of them. She landed on her feet and stood up slowly and carefully looking around the court yard to see if any droids have noticed her. Her body was fit and her clothing was tight to her skin. Her outfit wasn’t normal Jedi attire. She was wearing a short skirt that had a slit on one thigh, around which was a leather band that held a dagger and another around the top of her boot on the opposite leg. Her top was just as short cutting off just below her breasts and covering only one full arm. The dark fabric flared out over her hand which she held a purple light saber that lit the ground at her feet and sank to her side before disappearing as she turned it off. She stayed in the dark for a moment not wanting to grab any droids attention. As she turned she jumped back and covered her mouth from a scream. She leaned over placing her hands on her knees then to her chest trying to catch her breath from the scare she got from the two Jedi looking back at her.

“Force you two are quiet.” She said with a smirk. She stepped closer to them and Anakin stepped back putting his hand to his belt. “Wait… You two are…” Before she could finish her sentence Obi Wan grabbed her by the arm slamming her body hard against the stones that held the doorway structure together and ignited his light saber putting it towards her throat. She winced to the pain rushing through her skull as it hit the stones and glared at him without saying a word.

“There are only two Jedi I know that have a light saber that color and I haven’t seen one of them in years. Where did you get that?” Obi Wan said, his words fierce and sharp making even Anakin take a step back from him.

“Oh, so I stole it? And, aren’t Jedi supposed to be more courteous? I am a woman!” She said back just as sharp. Obi Wan put his light saber to her forearm and turned it up twisting her wrist to laminate it. She hissed in pain and reached for her light saber then stopped suddenly, her eyes became wide as the moonlight hit his face. The rough beard and longer hair down to his shoulders threw her off but she couldn’t forget his eyes. She retracted her hand from her belt and looked at her arm as his light saber lit up a scar of a symbol for the Pirate Karyn.

“You’re a pirate! Do you think I’m going to trust you? Even if you are a woman. Where are they keeping the Senator?” Obi Wan growled throwing her arm back at her. He put his light saber to her throat again. She stepped back to the wall and looked at him as her chest rose and fell from her heavy breathing.

“I didn’t steal it!” She said solemnly. “I was…”

“You suspect that I’ll believe that?” Obi Wan interrupted her.

“I don’t suspect you to believe anything. I’ve retracted my weapon and backed off, now if you would be so kind as to do the same.” She said rubbing her wrist. He put his arm down a little then brought it back up to her neck keeping his eyes locked on hers.

“Why should I do that? As soon as I let my guard down, you’ll strike.” He said not keeping the saber to her throat. Anakin stepped towards his side so Obi Wan would see him there.

“As soon as I take my saber from my belt I’d be dead. I’m sure your apprentice is as fast as the papers say. You’re Anakin Skywalker, right?” She asked in a calming tone.

“Yes.” Anakin said softly looking towards his Master for approval to speak to this woman, this pirate before them. Obi Wan nodded and turned his light saber off.

“What is your business here anyways, Girl? If you’re not a pirate as you say your not.” Obi Wan said in a smug tone. Siri shot him a glare.

“I’m escaping. I have been underco….I was captured some time ago and the Pirate Karyn. I fought him off and he was surprised by my skills so he took me in under his wing, explaining the mark you so kindly found. But, you’ve caught me at the time I so happily relinquished my duties and on my way to escape. So if you could be so kind as to step aside and let me kill these droids I’ll be on my way.” Siri said with a bow towards Obi Wan who still stood unsure about her. She began to walk away as Obi Wan put his light saber up to stop her.

“Then you’ll know where they’re keeping the Senator.”

Siri put her head back against the stone wall. “Okay, look. I’m on a mis…I have…” She sighed again running her hands over her face trying to find the words. “I was sent here when I was younger on a mission to go undercover.” She said in a whisper leaning in towards Anakin and Obi Wan.

“A mission?” Anakin said looking closely at her. Obi Wan took a long hard look at the girl in front of them and stepped away from her letting the moonlight hit her face. Her skin glistened in the light with sweat and her deep blue eyes stared back into his. She looked away quickly and bit her bottom lip. Obi Wan turned off his light saber as his arm went limp.

“Si…Si…” Before he could finish she covered his mouth with her hand and pushed him into the darkness, pulling Anakin along by his tunic.

“Listen to me. I have been undercover for a long, long time and I can’t have this go to shit now. If we get captured, if you get captured, I don’t know you. We’ve never met and I was never a Jedi. Understand?” Siri said to Obi Wan and Anakin, her eyes moving back and forth between them. They both nodded and Siri removed her hand from Obi Wan’s mouth. Siri walked away from them towards the entryway of the stone structure. Anakin admired her as she walked away and looked towards his master.

“She’s a Jedi?” Anakin said with a smirk on his face. Obi Wan pushed Anakin towards the entryway.

“Why did the council not tell me about this?” Obi Wan said as they all crotched down in the darkness.

“About what? You knew I was undercover.”

“Yes. But I didn’t know you were here. Maybe because it’s been so long I just forgot, or not forgot I trained myself to let go of…” Obi Wan sighed and looked on at the droids. “Do you know where the Senator is?”

“No. I didn’t even know that they were sending Jedi here. I knew this place seemed familiar some way, but I couldn’t place it. I’m not with Krayn anymore. Some of his men took me here because they were going to pick up some things to trade with and then take me to Tatioonie and kill me. I guess Karyn was catching on to something. I hid my light saber in my room where no one would find it and took it with me before I left, that way if they’d try anything I’d at least put up a fight.” Siri said in a whisper close to Obi Wan’s ear and then turned back towards the droids with a smile. Obi Wan’s eyes moved across her soft face down her body to her long bare legs and caught himself looking at her as he did when he was younger, and cleared his throat slightly.

“Do you have any ideas how to get by them?”

“If we split up, and meet in the middle over there, we should be able to make it through the droids without being noticed.” Siri said pointing straight in the direction on the entryway at the other end of the court yard.

“Agreed.” Obi Wan with a smile. He signaled Anakin to follow him as he stood up slowly and placed his back tight against the stone wall. Siri stayed crotched and slowly extended her legs towards the side and moved her body to follow. She went into the darkness of the court yard and placed her back against the cold stones that scraped along her shoulders. She licked her lips slowly in concentration and tried not to make a sound as she crawled behind a droid that stood watch. She moved slowly and carefully when she heard from the across the courtyard a stone rubbing against the marble floor. She looked waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness ahead of her and saw Obi Wan crouched down not moving and Anakin not in sight. She felt her heart start to race thinking that Anakin had got caught, but he would have surely ignited his light saber and put up a fight. She didn’t know Anakin very well, all but what she read about him in the papers and could just tell he wasn’t one to go without a fight.

She made sure Obi Wan was looking at her and put her two fingers to her eyes and then pointed them towards him moving them in a circular motion towards their escape. Obi Wan just shrugged his shoulders. Siri glared at him in frustration and then looked around the courtyard for Anakin. “He doesn’t remember the hand signals!” She sighed to herself.

She started to slide her back slowly against the stones until she was standing. She walked slowly towards the droid that stood in front of her. “This would be so much easier if it had a neck to snap.” She thought. She put her light saber near the droids back so when she turned it on it would just go right through. Before she could there was a scream from the palace. The droids readied their guns and headed towards the palace. Siri backed off and crotched down in the darkness pressing her body tightly against the wall holding her breath trying to make as little noise possible.

Soon there was only Obi Wan and Siri left in the courtyard. Siri ran over to Obi Wan and helped him up.

“Did you see where Anakin went?” Siri said.

“No. I looked ahead for a second and turned my head back to look at Anakin to give him a signal and he was gone. The scream, it sounded like him.” Obi Wan said trying to remain calm. Siri couldn’t sense anything in his voice but could feel the panic within him. She put her hand on his cheek and caressed it softly with her thumb. Her skin was just as soft as it looks and made his body shutter. The moonlight hit her face enough for him to see her smile. He didn’t know how to react and tensed up to her touch. He hadn’t had physical contact in so long besides that of a man persuasion, but she was soft and beautiful and it made him feel uneasy.

“We’ll find him.” She said in soothing tones. He took a breath and let himself relax as she walked away from him. Her body is different than he remembers he didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing since all he could think about was that and not the fact that his Padawan was captured by a slave dealer.

They both walked along the stone walls of the palace before reaching outside the gate. Siri looked over inside the stone gateway first placing her hand on Obi Wan’s stomach pushing his body against the stone wall. He closed his eyes to her touch. Her hand was warm against the fabric of his tunic. He placed his hand over hers and she looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. He looked back at her and removed his hand quickly.

“Sorry… I, are there any guards?” He stuttered. She smiled at him and this made him feel more relaxed and he smile shyly back at her.

“Yes, one. We can take him, then go into the palace and find out what Karyn and his men are doing with Anakin and Senator Organa.” Siri said looking back towards the guard with fierce concentrated words. Obi Wan could feel her adrenalin pumping from just standing next to her. She crotched down and slowly moved towards the guard, this one had a next to snap. It was one of Krayn’s men and she knew him well but, she never liked him anyways. She got to her feet and walked towards him, swinging her hips and adding a bounce to her step slightly. Obi Wan’s eyes got wide as he watched her walk away. He saw the guard look up. Obi Wan put his back against the stone wall and tried to catch his breath she stole from him. The guard looked Siri up and down licking his lips, she ignored the jester and knew what she was doing was working.

“Siri… And we thought you’d gone and run away on us puppet.” The pirate said towards her leaning against the big door to the palace.

“Now, you don’t think I would of just left you boys high and dry do ya?” Siri said. Obi Wan leaned more towards the entry way trying to listen in on when he should strike.

“No…Of course not puppet, but the Cap’n, he’s waitin’ for ya. He wants to know where you ran off too.” The pirate said letting Siri pass. Siri smiled towards him as she walked past him and as soon as she left his eyes leave her backside she turned around and went up to his body and quickly placed her hands on the side of his head and snapped his neck.

“I’m sure he does.” She said softly, letting the pirate’s body fall on hers as she placed him slowly on the ground without a loud thud. Siri whistled for Obi Wan and he looked inside the entry way where Siri was and she motioned for him to come over. He puts his hood over his head and walks towards her. They both walk towards the big doors of the palace. Obi Wan opens them using the Force and peeks inside, they both walk in slowly keeping their hands on their belts ready for anything to pop out at them.

“Maybe if we split up we’ll be able to find him faster?” Siri said looking up and down the halls.

“Yes but you know this place better than I do seeing as though you escaped already. You’d find him before I would.”

“True and I don’t feel like rescuing two Jedi’s today.” Siri said with a smile. Obi Wan just gave her a look as she started down the hall. They moved carefully trying not to make too much noise. The palace was dark which they used to their advantage. They heard footsteps coming down the hall and Obi-Wan grabbed Siri putting her into a corridor. Her body fell onto his as she lost her balance. She attempted to get up off him but he kept his grasp around her waist until he knew the person in the hall was gone. She got up on her feet and gave Obi-Wan her hand helping him to his feet.

“Did you have to pull me on top of you?” She whispered.

“You didn’t have to fall on me.” He snapped back. She glared at him and looked down the hall to see if there was anyone else coming. They continued down the hall trying to see any signs of where Anakin could be.