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Mon, Dec. 11th, 2006, 12:44 am
isukatthisgame: another thing im working on.

Title: none as of yet.
Author/Artist: imthegreenfairy88 /borrowed characters from Mr. George
Lucus. Star Wars is and always will be his.
Pairing: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi and Siri Tachi
Fandom: Star wars
Rating: NC-17 sexual content

“Come on Jedi, this way.” A pirate said shoving Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi into a cell. Qui-Gon stumbled in and sat himself on a metal bench on the back wall as his Padawan stood next to him looking around the cell for ways to esapce. Qui-Gon looked to his right noticing a girl that was staring at his Padawan. Obi-Wan looked over towards the girl leaning against the cell wall. Her eyes evereted his quickly as so stared down at the floor. “Get you anything puppet?” The pirate said leaning over the cell bars towards the girl.

“No.” She said in a low tone. Her back was towards the pirate when she spoke, she looked up slightly at Qui-Gon looking him up and down out of the corner of her eye so he didn't catch noticed. She wore a short skirt that had a slit up the side of it to show her thigh, around which was a leather band that held a dagger. Her top was small and stopped inches above her naval it covered both her arms flaring out over her hands that were folded across her chest. Obi-Wan looked at her as she stood there staring at the floor. His eyes followed down her long legs to her boot where something was protruding out of it, he looked closer at her trying to place why she seemed so familiar.

“You sure, there ain’t nothing I can get for you puppet?” The pirate said licking his lips toward her. She turned and faced him with a sneer, putting her hand on her hip.

“Bite me.” She said with a sarcastic smile.

“I’d love to puppet. Lucky there’s these bars between us or…”

“Or what? I would have broken your arm in three places by the time you get to the gate. With just my left hand.” She smiled waving her fingers at the pirate. He snorted at her and turned away.

“Enjoy your stay Jedi.” The pirate said hitting his gun on the cell door where Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan stood. Qui-Gon smiled and bowed his head towards the pirate before leaning back against the wall. The girl placed her back against the cold cement wall looking towards his Padawn. She didn't look at him, but tried to avoid them altogether.

“Who are you?” Obi-Wan said towards the girl. She looked over at him and then towards the cell door with a sigh.

“I believe my Padawan asked you a question.”

“Yeah, and I believe I chose to ignore it.” She said with a sharp look towards Qui-Gon, looking quickly back at the cell doors.

“How old are you?” Obi-Wan asked again. The girl shifted on the wall uncomfertable and slide down it slowly crossing her legs as she sat.

“I’m 18.” She said finally.

“Why are you in here?” Obi-Wan asked again.

“Padawan. I’m sure this girl doesn’t appreciate so many questions at once, especially in such a predicament, although I admirer your enthusiasm.” Qui-Gon getting up from the bench and patting Obi-Wan’s shoulder.

“Tachi!” Another pirate said walking towards the cell. Obi-Wan’s head perked up from the name and looked closer at the girl before him. She looked towards the pirate and then towards Obi-Wan quickly looking away as his eyes met hers. She got up slowly and leaned against the cell door putting her arms out the holes in a flirtatious way. Obi-Wan admired her body that leaned pushing out her backside. Her shirt raised up a bit to show a black band going around her to cover her breasts he assumed. He shook off the temptations going through his head and tried to think of something Qui-Gon would tell him in such situation. He couldn’t think of anything so he just kept his eyes down on his boots.

“What.” Siri said in an irritated voice.

The pirate walked towards the women and grabbed her hand, she didn’t seem to flinch or pull away. The pirate kissed up her arm slowly and she just watched with a smile before grabbing his face and pushing it away. The pirate stepped back and grabbed at her arm again, pulling her body hard against the metal bars. Obi-Wan got to his feet in attempt to help the girl but Qui-Gon smiled towards his padawan placing his hand on his shoulder and sitting him back down. Qui-Gon crossed his arms and watched Siri, seeing what she might do.

“Aw. What’s the matter puppet? Only leave that for Karyn do ya?” The pirate said.

“No just not for the likes of you.” She forced a smile out as her face was being pressed against the bars. The pirate let her go and she fell on the bars to hold herself up rubbing her wrist.

“I got something for you puppet.” The pirate said waving a glass filled with alcohol in front of her. She grabbed at it and the pirate moved it away. “Uh, uh, uh, what’s the magic words?” The pirate said kissing her arm again. Siri grabbed him by his neck and squeezed it, making the pirates voice go higher.

“Give me the bottle or I’ll snap your neck.” Siri smiled. Obi-Wan raised his eyebrow moving towards the edge of his seat getting more and more interested in the conversation. He could feel Qui-Gon’s teaching to be mindful of his thoughts and sat back against the wall.

“That’s me girl.” He said handing her the bottle. She took it and chugged a bit of it and wiped her chin. “Just don’t tell Karyn I was done here. Doesn’t really like you these days. Wonder why that could be puppet?” The pirate said with a smile as he walked away from the cell.

“Vial pig.” She said wiping her arm off on her skirt. She placed her back against the opposite wall and looked over at Qui-Gon.

“Do you drink Jedi?” she asked him handing him the bottle. He shook his hand towards her.

“I try not to.” Qui-Gon said. She shrugged her shoulders.

“Fine.” She said taking another swig. Qui-Gon ripped the bottle out from her hands.

“And neither should you.” He said spilling out the contents of the bottle. Siri sighed and took a seat on the cold metal bench. She tired to pull her skirt down to not revel too much but failed. She put her hands on her head and ran them through her hair. Qui-Gon smile and took a seat next to her. She looked up at him smiling back at her and she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t possible hide herself anymore from someone that she was so close with all those years ago as a Padawan. The council cannot possible expect that from her. She could feel him soothing over her words in her mind and thought it rude to just brush them away, apparently he knew who she was and she knew who he was. There wasn’t much to do now.

“I’m sorry. I have failed Master.” She said solemnly almost to herself. Qui-Gon put his arm around the girl.

“No, no Siri you didn’t fail. The council had no idea that Karyn was here. Your mission isn’t over yet.” Her head perked up and she hugged her old Master. Feeling the warmth of his robe and tunic brought back memories. The fabric was just as scratchy as she remembered.

Obi-Wan looked at them confused. He stood up quickly as Qui-Gon took her in an embrace. He didn’t know if it was jealousy raging through him or he feared for his master’s life. Why did he trust this girl? He walked over to them as the words Master came out of Siri’s mouth. He stumbled back as if he had just been kicked in the chest and looked carefully at the girl sitting next to his Master. Her hair was blonde and he face was soft and beautiful. Obi-Wan looked tried to think of a better word than beautiful but nothing was better to describe her. Then her name came from his Master’s lips and his jaw could have fallen to the floor. It’s been two years since he seen her last and he wanted nothing more than to take her in his own arms and feel her again. He tried maintaining himself in front of his Master. Her eyes caught his as she looked up with a smile. He could instantly feel butterflies in his stomach as she stood up walking towards him. He looked down at her waist as her hips moved from side to side. He closed his eyes briefly and moved the image from his mind.

“Kenobi?” Her voice was soft and kind, not like before. It was familiar and almost made him stop breathing. He looked at her and swallowed hard.

“Ye…Yes.” He said. She smiled and quickly wrapped her arms around him almost taking his head right off his neck. He fell into her and could feel her smile against his neck. He looked over at his Master and began to break the hug but he felt Qui-Gon tell him it was ok. He smiled towards his Master and hugged Siri back. He wanted to hold onto her forever but took a deep breath of her smell and let her go.

“It’s been a long time Kenobi.” She said tucking her hair back behind her ear.

“Yes it has. I miss…I missed you.” He said finally. His Master smiled at him and got up from the bench putting his hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder.

“Well, now that we’ve all be reacquainted how about we get out of here?” Qui-Gon said.

“What are you two doing here anyways? This was my mission.” Siri said looking towards Obi-Wan then towards Qui-Gon. He had a concerned look on his face. “I’m sorry Master, but all I meant was, why are you two in this cell, how did you get captured?”

“We got captured on purpose.” Qui-Gon said.

“We what?” Obi-Wan said pulling away from his Master.

“The force brought us here, to you. I felt you near by and I couldn’t just ignore it.” He said looking at Siri. She took a deep breath calming herself.

“Ok. Well, they don’t know I’m a Jedi Master, and I kept my lightsaber in my boot. They never felt it necessary to take my weapons from me. They’re actually quiet scared me of.” She said with a smile.

“What about the Neimoidians?” Obi-Wan said towards his Master. “We’ll never be able to save the Senator with them and Karyn. Qui-Gon smiled at his apprentice.

“Not to worry Padawan.” He said in a calming voice. “We have Siri now; the three of us together will be able to get the job done.”

“I’ll try my best Master.” She said bowing towards Qui-Gon. Siri went over to the cell doors to see if any pirates where around. She unzipped her boot and took out her lightsaber turning it on and cutting through the bolts that held the door together. With a loud bang the metal hit the floor and the three Jedi walked out slowly. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s lightsabers were on a table in front of their cell. As soon as they picked them up they heard foot steps racing towards them. Siri and Obi-Wan took a stance to stay and fight with their Master.

“You two go, if we split up we’ll have a better chance finding the Senator. Go!” Qui-Gon said turning on his lightsaber. Obi-Wan hesitated as Siri raced off. Qui-Gon turned around looking at his padawan and sighed softly. He put his hand on his padawan’s face trying to sooth over his look of worry. “I’ll be fine Obi-Wan. There is two, three tops. I can handle this. You go with Siri, we’ll meet back in the woods of Naboo. Now go!” Obi-Wan raced off looking back at his Master as he took a corner. Siri leaned against a wall waiting for him. He took her hand and ran with her outside the palace.

“C’mon.” Siri said running into the courtyard. “I know where this leads. Karyn took me around the palace before he locked me up, the dumb ass.” Obi-Wan looked at her confused. He didn’t really know her anymore; she was older and had a different disposition about her, even though she was known to cuss as a Padawan.

They ran outside the palace into the woods of Naboo. Obi-Wan held onto Siri’s hand until the palace was out of sight.

“Wait…Why are we going into the woods? Hey!” She ripped her hand out of Obi-Wan’s grasp. “I’m asking you a question!” She snapped.

“Qui-Gon told me to meet him in the woods and wait for him here. I follow what my master asks of me.” He snapped back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know exactly what it means!”

“Excuse me, but I also listen to Adi and did what she asked of me. Along with Qui-Gon.”


Siri just glared at him and leaned against a tree.

“At least I went through the trails and was on my own mission already.”

“Which you failed at!”

Siri’s jaw dropped and she walked away from him deeper into the woods. Obi-Wan sighed and sat on the ground picking at the grass. “I shouldn’t have yelled at her.” He said to himself. “It’s like we picked up where we left off.” He got up and dusted the dirt off of him and went in search for her.

She walked until she reached a lake, something this beautiful had to make her relax. She looked back and tried to see if Obi-Wan had followed her. “Of course not, he’s too busy being perfect.” She said to herself taking a seat on a rock and positioning herself to meditate. She closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind, but couldn’t. She hadn’t meditated for a long time, since she never had any time alone with Karyn always snooping around her. “I don’t understand why I always let him get to me. He always has to be right. Ah, he’s infirating sometimes.” Her voice in her head couldn’t be quite long enough for her to meditate.

“There you are.” A voice came from beside her. She opened one eye and looked at him before closing it again.

“You found me, congratulations.”

“You shouldn’t have ran off like that, I was…You scared me.” She opened her eyes and looked towards him.

“I what?”

“I…I didn’t know where you were, you don’t know these woods very well, you could have gotten lost.”

“You mean you could have gotten lost! You don’t know that I don’t know these woods, I could know them like the back of my hand.” She said sliding off the rock walking away from him.

“Would you just stop fighting with me for one bloody second?” He said running after her.

“Fine. What?” She said turning around abruptly. Obi-Wan slammed into her and she put her hands up pushing him back.

“Sorry, you just. You stopped short and I couldn’t…” She smiled at him and shook her head.

“It’s fine Kenobi.” He smiled back at her and they stood there for a second with her hands on his chest. She took them away quickly and ran them through her hair. “We should go see if Qui-Gon made it into the woods yet. Obi-Wan shook his head in agreement and followed her back into the woods.

They made it back to where they had their first fight and saw other footprints beside their own.

“Their too small to be Qui-Gon’s.” Obi Wan said kneeling down and tracing one footprint with his finger. “They followed us to the lake, look.” He said pointing towards the trail of footprints leading to the woods. Siri took her lightsaber out from her boot and turned it on.

“Well, their in for a rude awakening if their still around.” She said looking around the woods. Obi-Wan stood up looked around as well trying to see anything, feel anything around them. They then heard something coming through the woods, loud racing footsteps coming towards them. Siri readied herself opening her legs getting ready to strike. Obi-Wan looked around to see where it was coming from and found it was coming from the palace. It sounded to heavy to be Qui-Gon racing towards them. They heard yells and screaming along with the racing footsteps. Siri’s eyes got wide as she realized what it is. “run.” She said out loud but almost to herself. It took a lot for her mind to kept up with her body.

“What?” Obi-Wan said looking back towards her.
“Run!” She screamed taking off in the woods. Obi-Wan ran off with her just before ten pirates came crashing through the brush. Siri ran fast making it hard for Obi-Wan to keep up. He finally was able to run at the same pace as Siri was. Her face was intense and focused on the land before her, jumping over rocks and roots that stuck up from the ground. He could tell she was getting tired and tried to get her to go more, grabbing her hand, pulling her along. She looked behind her for a second to see if they were still being followed by the pirates. The yells were getting denser and they went deeper into the woods. They finally stopped to catch their breath. Obi-Wan fell against a tree as Siri fell to the ground holding onto her chest.

“I haven’t run like that since we fought on Kegan.” She said getting to her feet. She looked over her shoulder at the woods seeing if there were any pirates left. “They’re gone, but they’ll be back.” She said looking back towards Obi-Wan. He leaned off the tree and walked towards her.

“What do you suggest we do?” He said looking back towards the woods they just ran through.

“I’m not sure. Find shelter; hide until we know they’re gone. They’ll give up and just tell Karyn I’m dead. It’s easier for them, less work.” Siri said walking past Obi-Wan.

“What about Qui-Gon?” If there were pirates coming for us they must have done something with him.” He said in a tone that made Siri take a step back. She looked at him as his eyes filled with worry. She felt a little concerned herself, what did happen to him? If there were pirates after them, then he couldn’t have fought them off? Unless they saw us running through the courtyard and Karyn sent them after us? She looked back up at Obi-Wan with a smile.

“You didn’t feel a disturbance did you, in the force?”

“Well, no.”

“You and Qui-Gon have such a connection he couldn’t have just put up a fight and lost without you feeling something, Padawan or not.” He sighed and realized she was right. He looked into the woods again before walking along with Siri.

“Where are we going to find shelter?”

“I’m not sure. There has to be a tree or…There!” She pointed towards a cave that was half underwater in the lake. It was near shore enough that they could stand without their heads going under. “They’ll never find us in there! C’mon!” She said with a smile and ran off into the water. Obi-Wan followed her taking her hand as they leaped from rock to rock. She slipped and fell into the cave taking Obi-Wan down with her. Water splashed up engulfing their heads under the water. They came up breathing for air pressing their bodies against one another, grasping onto each other. They got to their feet, Siri pulling herself up by putting her arms around Obi-Wan’s shoulders. She slowly slid them off his shoulders slowly looking down with a sheepish smile. He smiled back picking her head up by her chin and pressed his lips against hers. She kept her eyes opened not knowing what to do. Obi-Wan pulled back and looked at her confused.

“Did I, I thought that…I’m sorry.” He pulled away from her but she grabbed his hands and put them back on her waist. She ran her fingers through her wet hair pushing it out of her face before kissing him back. She smiled against his lips as she tilted her head opening her lips slightly teasing him with her tongue. She pulled back and he couldn’t catch his breath.

“I missed you every day Kenobi.” She said running her hands through his short hair, flipping his braid over his shoulder.

“I missed you too Siri. I think about that day in the Garden’s everyday. I try and teach myself to stay mindful of my thoughts and not let things like that get to me, but it’s so hard. You were my best friend, and…Well, I never got to say to you what I always wanted. Then you left. I thought you’d be different, you are, but not like I expected. I…” She kissed him against sliding her tongue into his mouth this time waving it on his. She pulled back and his mouth was still opened just looking at her.

“How different?” She said with a smile.

“Not a lot. I mean that’s different. And your body, your body is different…”

“Good different?”

“Older, different.”

“Is that good?” She smile.

“It…” He looked down at her shirt that clung to her skin because of the water and her skirt that flowed with the current in the cave. “Yes…” He swallowed. “Good different.” He looked up at her and she pushed his body against the cave wall. His head hitting the stone made an echo through the cave. She pressed her body onto his again kissing him harder than before, more passionate, more intense. He could feel the intensity roll off her skin and ignored what his mind was telling him and pulled her body onto his more, pressing his fingers into her lower back. He pushed himself back from the stone and turned her around slamming her back onto it. She moaned slightly and he kissed her more as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She couldn’t tell if this was real or just another dream like she had before about her and Obi-Wan. It felt so real she didn’t care. She moved her hands from his shoulders down to his belt staring to undo it.

There were footsteps coming from above the cave. Obi-Wan stopped pulling back from her kiss. He looked at her before looking above following the footsteps with his eyes. Siri took her legs from around Obi-Wan’s waist and placed her feet on the rocks below them, pushing herself up from the cave wall trying to get her balance. Obi-Wan put his finger to his lips signaling for her to be quiet. He moved slowly, placing his back on the wall next to Siri. He snapped his belt back around his wasit and put his hand around the hilt of his lightsaber. He then got a confused look on his face which turned into fear and he moved out the cave quickly. Siri arched her brow and followed him outside the cave as Obi-Wan stood there with his face bright red.

“What?” She said looking up onto the cave. The sun made just a silhouette of the person before them, but the hands on his hips made her realize who it was. She bit her lip and moved slowly back into the cave. Obi-Wan grabbed her arm and pulled her back next to her. She was the one that started his and he wasn’t going to go down for it alone.

They followed Qui-Gon onto the shore. He sat down and motioned for them to do the same. Obi-Wan had his head down and sat next to his Master. Siri sat next to Obi-Wan and started taking off her boots to get the water out.

“I’m sorry Master. We were hiding from the pirates. I was worried about you, and Siri was just trying to make me feel better. We had to hide and once we knew they were gone we were going to come back looking for you.” Obi-Wan said almost too fast for Siri to even understand what he was saying. She just looked over at him until he finished and rolled her eyes.

“Nothing to be worried about Padawan, I’m fine. I got away from the pirates before there was too many. I didn’t know they came after you.”

“I think it was when we were in the courtyard. Karyn has a room that over looks it and he must have just been looking out the window at the moment Obi-Wan and I ran through.” Siri said putting her boots back on. Obi-Wan looked over at her quickly.

“How do you know that Karyn has a room overlooking the courtyard?” She laughed to herself and then looked at him confused.

“Why does that matter?”

“Well, it doesn’t…It’s just…”

“Things that can be dealt with at another time Padawan. Now, we need to focus on rescuing the Senator.”