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Thu, Jan. 4th, 2007, 06:35 pm
isukatthisgame: Alleyways in Coruscant

Disclamier: I don't own starwars, Mr. Lucas is the shiznit. Along with Jude Watson. They both are the fuckin balls, yadda yadda yadda.
Rated: NC-17: sexual content

Siri walked alone in the dark alleyways of Coruscant looking for a bounty hunter she had been trailing for several blocks. The Council instructed her to catch the bounty hunter bring him back to the Temple to question him.

She was very careful, hiding behind buildings and speeders along the streets. She couldn’t help but feel something behind her, following her. She glared over her shoulder several times to try and get a glimpse of whom or what was following her but couldn’t see anything. She finally ignored the feeling and knew if the time came for it she’d be able to fight. She moved her belt so her lightsaber was in easy access.

The bounty hunter sunk into a bar as Siri was distracted by the feeling once more.

“Damn it.” She whispered to herself leaning her back against a cold stone building. She stood there staring at the bar meters away waiting for the right time to go in there and find him. She felt the feeling on her again, it made her shiver and she pushed it away with the Force, ignoring it. She wasn’t going to get distracted again. “If this bounty hunter leaves and I don’t see it I’m going after them next.” She said looking in the opposite direction of the bar trying to adjust her eyes to the dark alley. She shook her head in a sigh as she started to move her head back a hand reached out from the darkness and wrapped it around her neck, slamming her head against the wall. She moaned softly to the pain and grabbed the arm that was holding her against her will and felt its muscles tighten in their forearm. She struggled, but they slammed her body harder against the rocky wall making her almost pass out. She reached for her lightsaber but they pushed it out of her grasp with the Force. She looked harder at the person in front of her, their dark hood covered their face making it hard for her to make it out. She kicked them, but their grabbed her leg, pushing their body into her feeling their erection against her. She started to breath heavily, giving up the will to struggle with them.

They moved closer to her putting their lips against her neck, moving her hair from it with their nose. She leaned away from them and they pushed her back.

“Who are you?” She was able to force out.

“Shut up.” They whispered in a low and smoky voice. She shuttered again, trying to regain herself from getting excited about this. This is supposed to be against her will, but she couldn’t help the feeling of getting wet. She felt a familiarity in their lips on her skin and the roughness of their beard rubbing up against her jawbone. She closed her eyes and took in his smell and he looked back at her.

He grabbed her thighs pushing her back his body tight to hers. The rough concert dug into her shoulder blades and bare skin on her lower back as he held her up gripping on her thighs, digging his fingertips into her soft thick skin. She moaned softly in pain and in pleasure.

He pushed his chest against her, pinning her to the wall, and moving one hand down to undo his belt. As soon as he picked his head back up the hood fell making his face visible. She leaned into him, putting her hands around his shoulders forcing his lips to hers. They’re lips slammed together, their tongue tangled together in a fight to hold their breath. He broke their kiss, taking in a long breath moving his hands to undo her pants.

He put his hand back to her neck, moving her head away from him so he could kiss down her jawbone, to her collarbone. He positioned himself so he could slide into her pushing himself on her harder. She could feel trickles of blood running down the center of her back. He moved his hands on her waist moving her body up and down his shaft. She moaned, putting her hands on his shoulders, gripping onto his robe. She looked back over her shoulder to the bar trying to remain on the mission, but even if the bounty hunter left, she’d had to finish.

Her body rocked as he moved himself faster inside of her, feeling his hot breath on her neck with each grunt he made moving deeper inside of her. He moved his hands up under the back of her knees, pushing her legs to her stomach so he could find his way deeper into her body. She wanted to scream out in pleasure, biting down on her lip so hard she was sure it would bleed. She couldn’t take it anymore the pleasure she felt snuck up on her with ever thrust he made. They were getting harder and faster, and she couldn’t hold on any longer. She started to let out soft moans that lead to louder ones as her breath got faster. She tried to push the feeling away but nothing was going to make this surge of pleasure stop. Her body trembles, her arms shaking as she holds onto him. He put his hand to her mouth muffling the noise she was forced to make. She put her head back against the wall as he trusted faster.

He looked over his shoulder towards the bar as well, to see if anyone heard her. No one was in sight. He looked back towards her trying to concentrate on something else other than the intense feeling coming off her, onto him. His breathing started to shake as he looked at her. Her body shimmered in the moonlight with sweat, sliding up and down the rocky backdrop behind her. He could feel he was close now, gripping onto her legs tighter. She gripped back as he made his finally thrusts inside her.

He laid his body on hers, barely being able to hold her up any longer. Her body slowly slid down the wall. Her feet touched the ground, but were no help. She had to grab onto him before her legs gave out from underneath her. He moved back, placing his back on the opposite side of the alley. They looked at one another both breathing heavily as a smile appeared on her face.

She started to move closer to him and his back went tight to the wall. Her look was intense with anger. She put her hand to his throat slamming his head against the wall.

“If you ever again think for one second that I wouldn’t kill you for doing that to me, you’re sadly mistaken.” She removed her hand from his neck before turning towards the bar, walking away from him. He put his hand to his throat rubbing it as a smile appeared on his face.