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Fri, Aug. 25th, 2006, 06:37 pm
isukatthisgame: Back At One (Part 2)+

Part 2

"I see you are well rested." Obi Wan said to Siri as she walked back
into the training room. He must have gotten there early.

"Yes. I was able to mediate and clear my head of some thoughts I
wasn't able to let go of." Siri said grabbing a saber stick from the
floor and twisting her wrist in a circle as she rose. She looked at
Obi Wan with a raised brow, "Are you ready?"

"I hope so." Obi Wan said bracing himself reaching out with the force
to grab his own saber stick.

Siri backed into the room glaring at Obi Wan thinking of steps and
motions in her head before striking, something he wouldn't think she
would do to take him by surprise. She jumped in the air towards him
with a flip and landed in front of him crashing her stick down towards
his head. He moved backwards using his own stick to stop hers. As he
stepped back, she stepped forward bring more force with each swing.
The clicks from their weapons could be heard from down the hall as
young padawans started to form at the doorway. Anakin was one of them
walking more into the room in a hurry sensing his Master was in
danger. He relaxed as soon as he saw Master Siri there with him.

Siri flipped backwards as Obi Wan chased after her swinging at her
legs just missing them. She landed to her back towards him putting the
stick onto her back blocking Obi Wan's blow. She pushed him away with
a grunt and twisted her body towards him and began to strike again.
His stick caught hers, but she had such force and strength he couldn't
fight her off. She pressed her body on to his as he began to bend
backwards. He fell to the ground and she stood before him. She threw
her saber stick to the side and fell on top of him putting her hands
on his biceps.

"Told you." A smirk slowly appeared on her face and she got to her
feet holding out her hand for him to take it.

"It would have been like old times if you didn't have an audience."
Obi Wan said breathing heavily and taking her hand getting to his
feet. Siri looked towards the doorway and saw a small group of padawan
learners and Anakin standing there.

"Wow. I've never seen anyone as quick on their feet as you were
Master!" A young girl padawan said running up to Siri's side. "When
I'm a Jedi Master I want to be just like you!" Siri blushed to this
and put her hand on the Younglings shoulder and squatted to her level.

"If you train hard and listen to your Master's, you will be." She
patted the young girl on the shoulder and rose to her feet.

"Words to live by." Obi Wan said looking at Siri with a smile. "Now
then, all of you get back to your Master's. I'm sure they're looking
for you."

"Yes Master Obi Wan." They all said in unison and then scrambled out
the door down the hall. As they left Anakin was left standing there in

"Anakin, what are you doing here?" Obi Wan asked putting his stick
down with Siri's.

"Well. I sensed you were in, danger Master." Anakin said slightly
embarrassed by choosing those words.

"Hmm, danger." Siri said looking towards Obi Wan raising her eyebrow.
"How ironic, and to think that I was to be the one in danger."

"Alright. Alright." Obi Wan said waving his hand towards Siri. "You
were right to begin with and I'm not surprised. You're still just as
strong as I remember, now even more so because of your… Well… New
found body. Strength, and your new found strength."

"Of my what?" Siri asked in a chuckle giving Obi Wan a look.

"Well. You're older now and you've grown up. You're not the same girl
you were when you were 17 Siri, its plain physics." Obi Wan said
trying to explain his point without sounding like he was ogling over
her. That outfit just makes her look so different. It fits the curves
of her body that she didn't have before making her silhouette look as
if it were an hourglass. "You were able to keep your body so fit. And
you knew moves that you did when you were still here."

"I did drills a lot when I was away. It kept me strong and on my toes
if anything was going to happen." Siri said sitting down stretching
her legs out. "I found places in fields to mediate. I fought images
with my eyes closed running tactics through my mind over and over
again until they were perfect. That's why I told you I'm strong and I
never gave up on being a Jedi. It's a part of me, it's who I am."

"Now I believe you, and the Council will as well. I'm sure in no time
you'll have a padawan and be on your own with missions." He said with
a smile looking towards Anakin with his head bowed towards his Master.
"You'll only be lucky enough to have such a gifted one as Anakin is."

"Thank you Master." Anakin said lifting his head up slowly with a
smile. Siri studied their body language and knew they were more than
just Master and padawan. She sensed a strong bond between them, like
brothers. Something Obi Wan and Qui-Gon had so very long ago.

"Must be nice." Siri said getting to her feet.

"Anakin, I have a lot of things to cover with Master Siri, did you
have any news for me?" Obi Wan said placing the two saber sticks they
used into a space on the wall of the training room.

"No Master. I was actually on my way to see Senator Palpatine when the
force brought me here."

"Well, there is no danger here as you can see. Unless of course I plan
on doing anymore drills with Master Siri." Obi Wan said rubbing one of
his shoulders. Siri laughed softly to herself. "I'll meet up with you
later before the meeting. I'm sure the Council will be happy to know
that Master Siri is willing and able to help in our war."

"Yes Master." Anakin said then bowing towards his Master and Siri
before leaving the room."

"Anakin is friends with the Senator? How did that happen? Usually the
Jedi and the politicians stay out of each other's work. Or have I been
gone so long that we now all work as one?" Siri said with a concern
look on her face, getting to her feet and crossing her arms in a
manner Obi Wan would.

"No. We still handle our business as we did before. Anakin just found
a friend in the senator for reasons I don't understand. I've never
warned him of the complications, neither has the Council. We have no
right to say who he can and cannot talk to, but I don't trust it. But
then again I've never trusted Politicians."

"I wouldn't either." Siri said looking towards the doorway as if
Anakin was still there. "Something doesn't seem right with him. Have
you ever sensed it?"

"No. But recently I've become more worried about his choices and
understanding of Jedi ways." Obi Wan said in a sigh bringing his hand
to his temple.

"He seems distracted, like his mind is elsewhere."

"Yes. But they say he's the chosen one and he'll bring balance to the
Force. It's so strong within him."

"That's what they say, doesn't mean it's true." Siri said looking at
Obi Wan from the corner of her eye. "Let's go for a walk. We have
hours before the meeting and I haven't been able to see the Garden's
yet." She patted Obi Wan's back and walked towards the doorway. He
walked with her and glanced down at her arm which followed her hand
along the center of his back and smiled at it. He truly did miss her.


They walked out behind the temple along a worn down pathway that lead
out to the Jedi Garden's. Birds flew by and the intense color of the
exotic flowers made Siri have to shade her eyes. Obi Wan stopped and
tried to find a good place to sit as Siri kept walking as if she were
entranced by the beauty surrounding her.

"I don't remember it being so, so beautiful." Siri said looking
around. Obi Wan smiled and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Yes. It's very beautiful." He said only looking at Siri. She turned
around and smiled at him and he looked up to the sky as if his eyes
had been there the whole time, then back down slowly into Siri's eyes.
He moved his hands from her shoulders down to her back slowly feeling
the softness of her skin. Siri took a step closer to Obi Wan pressing
her chest against his, looking up at him with soft gentle eyes. "Why
don't we go sit under the tree over there?" Obi Wan pointed and walked
away from Siri's embrace. She sighed and put her head down before
turning and following him.

They sat on the grass with their legs crossed under them in a
meditation pose. Obi Wan's back was to the tree while Siri sat in
front of him.

"So why did you want to come out here?" Obi Wan said placing his hands
on his lap.

"Well, I missed it. I came out here a lot to meditate and just forget
a lot of things that went on inside the Temple. Out here it's peaceful
and serine. In there is more business, war, planning, strategizing.
It's sometimes too much, but that's probably why they made this." Siri
looked around at the green and sunlight coming down over the trees.
She put her hands back on the grass as the warmth from the sun ran
across the skin on her face moving down across the top of her chest,
to her stomach and her one bare arm. The leather from her outfit
warmed the other, the remainder of her chest and legs. Obi Wan watched
her as her chest rose and fell, down her body admiring her form. She
sat up again and met Obi Wan's eyes as he looked away quickly. She
smiled and shook her head knowing what he had been doing. She looked
over her shoulder and noticed a tree in the far corner of the
Garden's. "Remember when we were younger, about 16?" Siri said still
looking towards the tree.

"Yes." Obi Wan followed her eyes to the same tree. "Oh. That." He
chuckled to himself. Siri looked back towards him now with his head
towards the tree. Her eyes moved across his lips down his rugged beard
to his neck until she saw tunic, then back up slowly. He turned his
head and instead of looking away she fixed her eyes on his. She smiled
softly before speaking.

"You gave me my first kiss there." She looked down at his hands
running over the blades of grass slowly.

"You gave me mine there as well." Obi Wan said with a smile looking
back towards the tree. "Qui-Gon knew something had happened because
the smile never left my face. I must have been 18 then." Obi Wan
brought his hand to his hair and brushed it from his eyes and looked
back towards Siri. She looked back and the two of them looked at each
other longingly for many minuets until she broke the silence.

"Obi Wan, I've been wanting to tell you why I left when I was
younger." Obi Wan didn't speak and just waited for her to continue.
She sighed, "Well when we were younger and we made a pact to one
another that we should just never talk of our love. Just remain
friends, but have it be known to ourselves that our love is there, how
it would just make things so much easier, do you remember that?" She
said avoiding contact with his eyes.

"Yes." He said after swallowing all her words.

"When I left it was mainly because I just couldn't take it. The
pressure of not being able to kiss you again and be with you made me
crazy. I wanted to every time I saw you, all that ran through my head
was the word `no', I hated that. I hated feeling like I was locked up,
not being able to do as I pleased when I pleased. Having Adi on me
constantly telling me to be more like you, `be more like Obi Wan he's
so in tune with the force, he follows orders, he respects the force
and the Jedi order for what it means.' It made me mad. Mad to the
point where I just packed and left." She took a breath in slowly
letting all her frustration out. "I wanted to tell you that I was
leaving. I wanted to just see you one last time, but it would have
been too hard, and when I saw you for that brief moment at Qui-Gon's
ceremony my heart broke for you, and was torn apart even more when I
knew I couldn't do anything about it. But I guess that's life. We are
trained to let go of things that are close to us, and learn that
everything happens for a reason." She looked up at Obi Wan who had his
hand on top of hers. He ran his thumb over her knuckles slowly. His
touch was so soft and so familiar it made her move involuntarily
closer to him. He looked her in the eyes as he noticed her body closer
to his. She licked her lips slowly in welcome to his moving closer to
hers, he wanted to just grab her and hold her tightly in his arms
pressing his lips tightly against hers but stopped just before.

"We shouldn't." Siri slowly opened her eyes and leaned back on her
heals. Obi Wan looked back at her with sorry eyes. "I want…" He sighed
before finishing his thought. "You've just come back not 24 hours ago,
we can't rush back into things and mess them up for you. You want to
be let back into the Council. You have to prove yourself first and
this wouldn't be a way of doing that. We can't do this like we're
teenagers again Siri. We have too many responsibilities now. I have an
apprentice, I am on the Council. You'll be on the Council soon and
have an apprentice of your own. We can't do things as if we were 18
again." He sighed looking past Siri, "we should be going back, the
meeting is going to start soon and I'm sure you'll want to change."
Obi Wan said getting to his feet brushing grass from his pants. Siri
looked up at him confused and got to her feet as well.

"I suppose I should." She let out a sigh and turned away from him and
started to walk back towards the Temple without waiting for Obi Wan.
She wanted to come back with something, she wanted to tell him he was
wrong, that she wasn't trying to ask like she was a teenager again,
anything to make what just happen not seem as bad as it was but she
had nothing.

Obi Wan put his hand to his beard rubbing it as he took a breath. He
watched her walk away, the girl he tried so hard to shake for so long
was back in his life. He just had to keep himself focused and be
mindful of his thoughts.

He began to follow Siri back into the Temple. Once they got inside the
two Jedi went their separate ways, Siri to her quarters while Obi Wan
off to find Anakin. He shook his head at the memories it took him so
long to erase as he walked the long hallway. He could feel something
about to happen, good or bad he didn't know but something none the less.

Sat, Sep. 16th, 2006 10:42 am (UTC)
narcranor: Nice Job

It extrapolates on their relationship, but I got the impression in secrets of the Jedi that Obi-Wan and Siri did not speak of their closeness until the Clone Wars, and Siri died shortly thereafter. In any case, I would love the hardcore Siri fans to check out my Star Wars site at http://www.fandomcomics.com and click on sourcebooks, and the combined Jedi chapter. Siri Tachi is in there. I 'd love to get your opinions on her write up and stats! Also, if you have the time or inclination, you might give the rest of the site a look-see!