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Tue, Oct. 3rd, 2006, 11:35 pm
isukatthisgame: Parts 6 and 7

Part 6

Senator Organa’s ship took the three Jedi back to the remains of the temple. There was smoke filling the skies for miles before the temple. Siri covered her mouth in disgusted and her eyes looked back towards Obi Wan and Yoda as they both had the same expression of disappointment. Siri couldn’t help but get overwhelmed with anger and felt a small hand over hers.

“Not the time it is to get filled with hate.” Yoda said looking up at her as he got off from his seat. The ship landed, but not at the Jedi Temple’s hanger where normally they would land but, in these circumstances they needed to keep a low profile. There were no clones on the landing space, and Siri got to her feet and looked down at her Master and nodded her head.

“He’s right Siri, we both cannot be filled with hate we have to be focused if we want to get into the temple. I’m sure there are many clones awaiting us.” Obi Wan said putting his hand on Siri’s shoulder. A shy smile appeared on her face from his touch and she placed her hand over his and nodded towards him.

They walked off the ship following Organa who lead them.

“This is as far as I can lead you.” Organa said looking towards Yoda.

“Fine, this is. Our own way we will find.” Yoda said. Organa nodded and bowed towards the Jedi before running back towards his ship to go to the Galactic Senate where Senator Palpatine was holding a meeting.

They reached just outside the Jedi Temple doors when shots began to go through the air. Siri ducked out of the way, tucking and rolling across the ground in a summersault, catching her bearings. Obi Wan caught the laser that was headed for Siri before she moved with his light saber. It bounced off and hit the clone who had shot it. Siri and Obi Wan looked at one another as she jumped to her feet and grabbed her light saber from her belt. The battle ensued as the two Jedi fought off the clones being lead by their much more powerful Master Yoda. The lasers bounced off their light sabers as they swung them back and forth. They made their way into the temple with dead clones lying behind them.

They walked through the halls seeing the damaged that was done to it. Younglings lay on the floor before them and Siri ran up to them falling to her knees beside one a girl Youngling. She put her hand out to touch the dead child’s body retracted it putting it to her mouth. Obi Wan knelt next to her putting his hand softly on her shoulder. She didn’t look up and just looked back and forth over the little bodies that lie before her. She couldn’t understand who could have killed Younglings, they were so innocent and looked even more so as they lay there lifeless.

They walked on through the temple to the communications room. Siri and Yoda walked around the room, as Obi Wan transmitted the call being sent out and changed it for all remaining Jedi to stay away from the temple. Before leaving the room he stopped Yoda from walking on and Siri stopped too looking back at Obi Wan. She shot him a confused look and he shook it off as though she wasn’t important enough to be in the conversation.

“Master I have to know something.” Obi Wan said walking towards the security holograms. A hazy blue image of Anakin came up as he was fighting off Younglings. Obi Wan backed the hologram up to Anakin on his knees before Senator Palpatine being named as Darth Vader. Siri’s eyes got wide as she backed away from the images she saw before her. Obi Wan stared at the images looking as if he wasn’t breathing, Yoda bowed his head and said nothing. Siri wanted to say something, wanted to give Obi Wan a little hope that everything would be okay, but she couldn’t. Anakin had been named to the Dark Side and there was nothing she could do about it. She felt herself get overwhelmed with anger and wanted to go out and find Anakin and slap some sense into that boy. She wanted to grab him and just she didn’t know, beat the sense in him maybe. She looked up from her discussion in her head and Obi Wan was glaring at her, as if he was in her head hearing what she was saying about Anakin.

Yoda told Obi Wan that his apprentice is gone to the Dark Side and now he must defeat him.

“Let me go.” Siri stepped in. “I know Anakin’s foot work and his techniques just as well as Obi Wan.” Siri said looking back at Obi Wan with sorry eyes. He didn’t seem all there, sadness was the only thing she could feel within him, but he had no expression on his face.

“No, Siri. You cannot go.” Obi Wan said putting up his hand and waving it towards Siri. He didn’t look at her just at the ground. “I don’t know where to look Master I don’t know where he is.”

“Follow your feeling and find him you will” Yoda said walking away from Siri and Obi Wan. Obi Wan looked up at Siri and began to walk past her. She reached out and grabbed his arm, he pulled away without words. She closed her eyes slowly and shook her head, opening them again and walked behind him.

“Where are you going?” She called after him.

“Padme. She’ll know where he is.” Obi Wan said walking faster through the temple. Siri chased behind him.

“I’ll go with you.” Obi Wan turned abruptly towards Siri putting his hands around her biceps gripping them hard. She winced at this avoiding his eyes. This was the first time she has ever seen Obi Wan like this, the first time she couldn’t look into those eyes.

“No!” He said as he let her go, now aware of the pressure he was applying to her arms. “You’re not coming.” The tone of his voice got lighter and he paused with a sigh. “I have to do this myself.” He walked away from her and she stood in the hallway. She glared at the back of his head as he walked away. She turned in the other direction and took off down the hall towards the Jedi Temple Hanger. She knew a short cut and knew Obi Wan had to get a starfighter before he went to Padme’s. If she got there before him, she could convince Padme that she had to go with Obi Wan to find Anakin.

Siri reached the Hanger and saw no sign that Obi Wan had been there yet. She heard something coming down the hall towards the hanger and she went behind a starfighter ship. She saw two clones walk into the hanger, one nodded towards the other they went in separate directions. Siri grabbed her light saber from her belt and slowly got to her feet. She went under the starfighter and was able to make her way behind one of the clones. She got close enough that she could tap him on the shoulder. As he turned around she thumbed on her light saber and grazed the saber through his neck. He fell to the ground and she looked over her shoulder towards the other clone how was aiming his gun towards her. She leaped into the air flipping landing on her feet behind him and again grazed the saber through the suit and skin of the clone’s neck. She looked around the hanger to see if there was any more clones around and started walking towards the starfighter she crotched behind. She used the force to open the cockpit and jumped inside. She closed it and turned it on and started towards Padem’s. She didn’t know if Obi Wan had already left and was there, or on his was to kill Anakin, but either way she had to try.

She landed the starfighter just before Padem’s building so Obi Wan wouldn’t see her ship. She ran inside putting her hood over her head and wrapped her rode around her body tight to hide her tunic and belt from anyone that was looking out for Jedi. She got into the elevator and went up to Padem’s room. The doors opened and she walked into the room looking around. C3PO was walking around the room and saw Siri.

“Master Siri, I’m so glad you have arrived. Padem has been rather upset since Master Anakin left.” C3PO said walking up to Siri. She put her hand on his shoulder and removed her hood.

“Is she around C3PO?” Siri said looking around the entrance.

“Yes, yes. She is in the sitting room. Please come in.” He said putting his hand out in welcome as Siri walked past him into the room. Padem looked up at her.

“My lady.” Siri said with a bow.

“Master Siri.” Padem said as she wiped tears from her cheeks. “What are you doing here? Or should I be asking, are you alright? I could see smoke from here it’s horrible!” Siri smiled warmly as she put her hand up waving Padem to sit back down in her delicate state.

“I’m fine Padem. How are you?” Siri said sitting next to her placing her hand on her knee.

“Scared.” Padem said looking down at her hands that lay on her big stomach. “Anakin came here and then left suddenly, he said he was going to end this war.”

“Do you know where he went?” Siri said in a serious tone trying to look at Padem’s face. Padem looked back at Siri with worried eyes and looked towards her landing pad where Obi Wan got from his ship removing his hood from his head. Padem struggled to get up and Siri got up taking her hand to help her.

“Obi Wan!” Padem said with a smile. “I’m so glad to see you.”

“As am I Padem.” Obi Wan said taking Padem in with an embrace and looked over past her shoulder towards Siri with a glare. Siri looked away embarrassed. She had nothing to say to him and even if she did he wouldn’t listen.

Obi Wan sat with Padem and told her what was going on with Anakin and what had happened. Padem denied it and didn’t want to believe any of it. Siri stood there in silences and tried to take Padem’s side in it all seeing if she would lead her to Anakin someway.

“Obi Wan you shouldn’t put her in this situation, especially in the state that she is in.” Siri said taking Obi Wan aside.

“So you’d rather keep this war going on. Anakin… He has to be destroyed.” Obi Wan said looking down in a shaky voice. Siri looked down at his face and put her hand to his cheek brining his face up to look at hers. He moved away and she let him go. She could feel the connection between Obi Wan and Anakin and felt his pain. She knew that the only way she could get to Anakin first was to be just as harsh as Obi Wan is being towards her.

“Fine.” Siri said pushing him away. “Do what you want to this poor girl. I want no part in it.” She felt very good in her acting skills and knew that Obi Wan wouldn’t know how to react to this. She knew he was thinking that she would never give up a chance to prove him wrong. He glared at her.

“Siri you don’t understand this and your friendship towards me is now questionable.” Obi Wan said walking past her. He walked back towards Padem said his good-byes and left. Siri wasn’t sure what he was planning on doing, but her plan was to keep on Padem’s side about all of this and maybe Padem would trust in her to help bring Anakin back. She could feel the hurt running through Obi Wan and hated it, and the pain within her just grew even more.

Siri went back into the sitting room and sat next to Padem.

“What are you planning to do now?” Siri asked Padem as she sat there nearly breathless from what Obi Wan had told her.

“Is it true?” Padem asked her. Siri didn’t know what to say besides

“Yes.” Siri put her head down. “I’ll make us some tea. Would you like some?” She said getting up from the couch. Padme grabbed her knee and sat Siri back down.

“If it is true, do you plan on killing Anakin, like Obi Wan would?” Padem’s eyes danced back and forth over Siri’s almost filled with tears and Siri’s heart broke for her. She could feel Padme’s worry and love for Anakin. She looked down at her hands in her lap and closed her eyes trying to regain herself to make up a lie and make it believable.

“It wouldn’t be my place to do any harm on Anakin.” Siri said swallowing her words and looked back towards Padem seeing if she bought it or not. Padem looked away from her fast and put her hand to her mouth. Siri sighed in relief.

“I have to go to him. See if any of this is true.” Padem said getting to her feet rather quickly for someone who is pregnant. Siri got up as well and thought weather or not she should follow her and did.

“Padem, you have to bring someone with you, just in case anything happens.” Siri said building up more lies to try and get Padme to take her.

“Do you really think Anakin would harm me?” Padem said looking at Siri angry. Siri’s eyes got wide from his and looked for words to sooth her.

“No, no. Not Anakin harming you. I mean in your state, you should have someone with you incase of the baby.” Siri said with a smile. Padme nodded her head and turned from Siri. Siri let out another sigh putting her hand to her head and quickly removing it as Padem turned back towards her.

“Will you accompany me then Master Siri?” Padem said. Siri nodded. “Good then I will call Captain Panaka to get my ship ready for Mustafar. It’s a planet on the outer rim and Anakin told me he had some business to attend to there for Senator Palpatine.” Siri smiled to herself, her plan had worked.

Part 7

“What are you doing on here?” Obi Wan said to Siri whom he had tight against a wall on Senator Padem’s ship. The pressure he was applying was even tighter than before in the hall of the communications room in the Temple. She could feel his anger running through him onto her through his finger tips. Her heart started to race as his eyes looked into hers with an intensity she didn’t recognize from Obi Wan. She tried to break away but he just pushed harder. “I should have known you were up to something Siri. What are you doing here?” He asked again shaking her a bit. Her legs went weak beneath her and she grabbed her balance.

“I’m trying to get to Anakin Obi Wan! I’m trying to do you a favor.” Siri said hitting Obi Wan’s arms off of her.

“You’d be doing me a favor by staying out of this! This isn’t your business Siri!” Obi Wan said.

“You are my business.” Siri said in a calming tone. She looked down slightly ashamed of what she just said.

He let go and backed up taking a deep sigh looking past Siri. “I…I’m just not myself.” Obi Wan said fixing his gaze to look at her. He looked deep into her eyes like he did before in the gardens, she shook her head at this just feeling sorry for him and wanted to help him so badly it made her hurt, physically.

“Listen Kenobi, I was just trying to help you out.” Siri said moving closer to him putting her hands over his robe smoothing out the fabric. “What were you doing in there anyways?” Siri said gesturing towards a small space in the wall where she had found him.

“I was hiding out. I couldn’t let Padem see me before…” His thought trailed off and he looked down before looking back up at Siri with a glare. “Get out of here. Go back to the front of the ship before she suspects anything.” Obi Wan said pushing Siri down the hall.

“Fine, I’ll go. But just know that I’ll get off the ship first, and I’m not promising anything.” Siri turned and went back to the front of the ship and sat next to Padem. She sat there in silence and Siri didn’t know how to break it, she could feel the worry and sadness rolling off Padem’s body. It made Siri herself feel sick to her stomach. Padem and Siri never really knew each other well but just being so close, physically to someone who was in that much pain made her feel sick.

They reached Mustafar and Siri got a sudden feel of apprehensiveness. She didn’t want to get off the ship she just wanted to stop Obi Wan from getting off and doing something she knew he didn’t want to. She took a breath and stood from her chair as the ship landed. Padem sat there holding her head before seeing Anakin on a near by dock across the lava flowing stream. Siri wanted to grab her and stop her so she could get off first and slash her light saber through Anakin. Her apprehensive feeling was being faded by anger, and then she felt something trying to sooth her. She could feel his touch but she knew he was just doing it to stop her and this made her even more angered. Obi Wan was using the force to try and sooth her over so she wouldn’t over react when she saw Anakin. She pushed it away in her mind and walked towards the front of the ship as Padem rushed past her and ran outside into Anakin’s arms. She stood on the opening of the hatch door shaking her head knowing Padme’s love was just going to turn into hurt. She just felt bad for the girl, but Siri was never able to show emotion or love for someone, as badly as she wanted to so she let Padme have her moment with the man she loved. She looked over her shoulder back into the ship searching for Obi Wan, then back towards Anakin and Padem putting her head down.

Anakin looked past Padme towards Siri glaring at her.

“What is she doing here?” Anakin growled towards Padme. Siri glared back towards Anakin taking slow steps down the opened hatch.

“We can trust her Ani. She helped me and is on our side. She stayed when Obi Wan wouldn’t, but, I think he can still talk to you and help you. Please, leave with me Ani! I love you.” Anakin’s stare never left Siri as she walked closer to the two of them still caught in a close embrace.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Siri said in slow calm words but still moving her hand to her belt. She didn’t want to say the wrong thing to give him the wrong impression and since Padem was still close to him she didn’t want him to over react and do anything harmful to her. Padme’s eyes moved back and forth over the two of them and Siri could sense her getting more and more scared that something was going to happen to Anakin. Siri knew where he was and how much darkness flowed through him now. She could feel it stronger the closer she stepped towards him.

“I know. You couldn’t, I’m too powerful for you now.” Anakin scoffed. Siri glared towards his words and stood close to Anakin to keep an eye on what he was doing to Padme. She looked back towards the ship and wondered where Obi Wan could be. She kept her thoughts shielded so that Anakin couldn’t read them. She knew he was more powerful and was not to be trusted.

Padme continued her speech on him leaving with her and have a perfect idea of a perfect family. Siri’s feeling sorry for Padme was now turning into feeling sorry for her just being pathetic. She had to know that Anakin didn’t care anymore. He was too focused on his new found power. Siri shook her head once more and stayed out of their conversation. Her focus was on the ground and how hot the air felt as her skin started to get slick. She wanted to wait for the right moment once Anakin let go of Padme. Once Padme started to believe in what Obi Wan was telling her, Siri could easily go in for a strike towards Anakin. She didn’t want to hurt Padme or have her get in the middle and get herself hurt.

She then felt Anakin’s angry get stronger and him yell out “LAIR”. She looked up and saw Obi Wan standing before them. She was relived to see him, as that slowly turned into anger. Padme wouldn’t let her near Anakin in time to take action before Obi Wan could.

She saw Anakin raise his hand towards Padme and she began to choke. Siri’s eyes grew wide and grabbed her light saber but wasn’t quick enough. She was brought to her knees by Anakin twisting her wrist backwards. She tried to fight him off and wouldn’t admit that he was stronger than her, and she dropped her light saber from her grasp. Obi Wan pushed him off her as he let go of Padme. She fell to the ground and Siri got to her feet and rushed over to her side. Obi Wan and Anakin circled each other and Obi Wan reached down towards Siri and Padme. He placed his hand on Siri’s shoulder and his other gentle on Padme’s cheek. Siri caught Obi Wan’s eyes and she felt just ashamed that she failed her friend. She softly whispered “sorry” to him as he leaned down closer to her lips. They then grazed the side of his cheek softly as she whispered. He moved his hand from her shoulder to her cheek before rising looking towards Anakin.

Siri picked Padme up and brought her into the ship. C3PO helped her put her down on a cot and Siri sat down next to her running her hand over her forehead. She then put her hand on her own forehead rubbing it trying to regain what just happened. She felt weak and sorry for Obi Wan. She should have taken action more quickly and pushed Padme out of the way. She most likely would have died but at least she would have died saving the republic and Obi Wan.