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Tue, Oct. 3rd, 2006, 11:36 pm
isukatthisgame: Parts 8 and 9 the ending

Part 8

It felt like days had passed before she heard footsteps coming up the open hatchway. C3PO went to see who was coming back and Siri started to get to her feet as she placed her hand on her light saber. She didn’t know if it was Obi Wan or Anakin coming, she wanted to be prepared either way. She would never admit it to anyone but tears fell from her cheeks as she waited for him to return. She got to her feet as Obi Wan stepped into the ship. His tunic was burnt from ambers and he was glistening with sweat. Her heart dropped when she saw him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and he responded by putting his hands on her waist. She pressed into him so hard that her feet came off the ground. She didn’t want to let him go and could cry right there in his arms, she was so happy he returned.

“This was twice today that I thought you were dead.” She said laughing slightly but burying her head into his shoulder. He smiled and put his head against hers.

“I’m…Well, I’m alive.” Obi Wan said letting go of her and looking into her eyes. Those eyes. She could feel his pain and wanted to cry for him but bit her bottom lip holding back her tears. He walked past her towards Padme and put his hand gently on her cheek. She asked if Anakin was okay and Obi Wan said nothing and went to the front of the ship. Padme fell back asleep and Siri followed Obi Wan.

“R2 stay here and come for me if she needs anything. Thank you.” Siri said walking past the droid down to the front of the ship. She sat in between C3PO and Obi Wan and put her hand on Obi Wan’s that was in his lap. He looked up from his stare into nothing and smiled over at her. She smiled back and nothing was said all the way back to Coruscant.

Part 9

The two Jedi reach Coruscant and meet up with Senator Organa to bring Padme to a medical clique. Obi Wan carried her out of the ship as Siri, C3PO and R2D2 follow. They brought her into the clique and took her to a medical room. A medical droid tells them that she is dying for reasons they cannot explain, she is growing weaker by the minuet but she is ready to deliver the babies. Obi Wan and Siri look at one another.

“The babies?” They both say in unison.

“Yes. Apparently she is pregnant with twins.” Obi Wan runs his hand over his beard and gets to his feet and began to pace the floor. Siri is speechless and just watches Obi Wan move in front of her. “We need someone to be in the deliver room with her, coach her and help her push since she has taken weak to go by this alone. Where is the father?” The medical droid asks towards Obi Wan assuming his is. Obi Wan puts his hand up.

“I’m not the father, the father is… He’s not with us anymore.” Obi Wan says swallowing his words down hard. He could feel Yoda trying to sooth him over in his head. “But I can help her, coach her through it.” He follows the medical droid into the room and sits down in a chair next to Padme. Siri watched from the window with Yoda and Organa, she sat back down in front of the big window and puts her head in her hands.

“Is a Jedi getting sick from watching child birth, a women to boot?!” Organa asked with a smile trying to bring something bright into this night of horrible events. Siri lifts her head up slowly and looks at him with a confused stare and then raises her brow slightly.

“Yes, but a woman who has never given nor seen child birth, it’s a bit much. Even for a Jedi. Besides, being a woman doesn’t mean we watch it, we just have to endure the pain. And being a woman, we have the strength to endure it as men don’t which really makes me the strong one here.” Siri says with a smirk on her face. Organa smiled back in agreement and turned his attention back towards Padme and Obi Wan. Siri learned on her knees and put her head in her hands again.

Moment later the medical droid helps Obi Wan out of the room and Yoda and Organa are waiting for his diagnosis on what is going on with Padme.

“She’s… She’s gone.” Obi Wan said putting his head down. Siri looks down from her stare at the ceiling towards Obi Wan and frowns.

“What do you mean gone?” Siri asks knowing the answer but just needing to hear it again, not believing it.

“She’s dead Siri.” Obi Wan says walking past Siri, over towards Yoda and Organa.

“Come, to a private room we will go. Need to talk about this we do.” Yoda says walking in front of Organa and Obi Wan.

Siri got to her feet and looks over in the window of the room that Padme gave birth. The medical droids in the room slowly put a sheet over Padme’s body. Siri looks away and followed the men in front of her.

Siri sits down in the room that the two Jedi Masters and Senator have already started a conversation about the baby boy and girl. Senator Organa gets up to leave the room, along with Obi Wan. Just before Obi Wan lets go of his chair Yoda tells Obi Wan to wait a moment and motions for Siri to sit back down as well. They both do so and Siri leans in over the table a little to hear what her Master has to say to them.

Yoda explains the training he has for Obi Wan when he is on Tatooine. Both Siri and Obi Wan become intrigued with the news of training. Siri hasn’t gotten very much and didn’t think she was in need of any since she got back, but if Obi Wan needed some, maybe she did as well.

Yoda mentions Obi Wan training with Qui-Gon Jinn again and Siri’s ears perk up.

“Master, Qui Gon is dead, isn’t he?” Siri says after Obi Wan repeats his name. Yoda explains how he can communicate in the after life and Obi Wan will need this skill in the future for the boy, Luke Skywalker.

Siri looked over at Obi Wan with a smile, feeling happy for him to be able to communicate and train once again with his Master and to once again have an apprentice once the boy is ready. She then starts to feel sorry for herself. She hasn’t had an apprentice yet and there was really no one to teach. Obi Wan will be leaving soon for Tatooine so even now that the Council could say nothing about their love because there was no Council she still couldn’t be with him.

“Siri, go back to your former life you must. Living out the way of a Jedi, too dangerous it is.” Yoda said looking at Siri in a worried look. Obi Wan put his head down and she couldn’t tell if this was because of what was going on, or if he wanted her to go with him. Either way, she knew it wasn’t possible.

They all left the room and Siri went her own way back to the former Jedi Temple. It lay in almost ruins now that the clones had their way with it. Siri’s eyes filled with tears and she walked into the big door way for the Temple. She walked slowly past the dead bodies that lie in the hallways and just felt numb to everything now. Her heart ached for Obi Wan, for an apprentice, to be a Master that she always dreamed of being, but couldn’t. She walked the warn down path that leads to the gardens, a place that used to be filled with such beauty and serenity was now blackened with hate and smoke. She walked on with a straight face, no tears came she was over tears.

She walked over to the tree where Obi Wan and her shared their first kiss and she sat. She wanted to clear her head, mediate. She wanted to forget what was happening and go to place where for just a moment she didn’t have to deal with it. She sat there for hours before she felt his presence.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” He said in slow calm words, almost a whisper. She turned her head towards him as he sat next to her.

He placed his hand on hers and waited for her to open her eyes. She did, even though she was straining not too and he was looking back into them and didn’t know what to do, or say. She wanted to just get up and leave and let him go on his way to protect Luke and teach him to be a great Jedi that she know Anakin was, and Obi Wan is. She felt so proud of him for that, knowing he was going to do great. Now if she could only actually say the words to him this wouldn’t be so difficult to say good-bye.

“I’m leaving for Tatooine as soon as I can find a running ship.” He said looking past Siri now towards a bush that used to be filled with color and life. Siri swallowed his words down hard and shook her head in a nod.

“I know.” She said in a smoky whisper. Obi Wan had to lean in to be able to hear her. There was a pause in silence before he spoke again.

“Come with me.” He said putting his hand to the side of her face. She looked at him confused and move away slightly.

“What…Go with you where?” She said back moving his hand from her face.

“To Tatooine. We can raise the boy there ourselves. We can take him in teaching him the ways of the Jedi. If there are two of us it’ll be much easier and he’ll have such knowledge of the Force.” Siri looked away and didn’t know what to say.

She wanted to agree and go with him and raise Luke, teach him her fighting skills and have an apprentice. But, she knew it was too risky, if she and Obi Wan were ever caught as Jedi they’d be killed. She looked back into his eyes anxious for an answer.

“Obi Wan, I can’t. It’s too risky, if we were ever caught… I wouldn’t be able to put Luke through that. Yoda wanted me to go back to what I was doing before, my old life.” Siri said looking into Obi Wan’s eyes with sorry ones. She shook her head at the look he was giving her, she wanted to just get up and walk away. Find the strength in her to say no and leave him, say good-bye. She knew it was for the better that way, but her heart made her stay. Her heart made it so she couldn’t move, she could barely breath.

“Your old life as what, a pirate?” Obi Wan said looking at Siri confused and hurt.

“No. I haven’t been a pirate for years. I was a bar tender at a local club here. I made good tips and had a good life, until I got that call. Everything changed for me after that, I knew I had to be a Jedi again. Well, I was a Jedi always. I just knew I had to help. Since now I know that’ll never happen, I can go back to my life.” Siri said in a solome tone.

“Is that really what you want for yourself Siri?” Obi Wan asked looking down at Siri, trying to grab her glance. She looked up from the ground catching his eyes, before looking away again quickly. He moved his hand to her chin and moved her eyes to his.

“No, of course not. I want to be with you.”

“Then come with me!” Obi Wan said grabbing her. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “I need you Siri. I…I love you. Please, come with me.” Siri winced at this and slowly brought her head up and looked him in the eye.

“You what?”

“I…I love you. I do. And now that I can actually say it, I want to shout it.” Obi Wan smiled. Siri and then shook It away.

“No. No Kenobi! You can’t do this to me.” She said breaking from his embrace. “You can’t just solve all our problems with I love yous and think that everything will be okay. Our lives are gone. Being Jedi, that’s all we knew! That’s all we lived for, and now, now it’s gone.”

“At one point we lived for one another.”

“Bullshit. When in your life have you ever lived for me Kenobi? When.”

“When we were younger.” Obi Wan said getting more and more irritated with Siri’s harshness.

“We hated each other when we were younger.”

“Not all the time. We got along for the most part and the only reason we fought so much is because you’re so damn headstrong!” Obi Wan finally said lashing out.

“Headstrong! Please! I never did anything right with you around. Not prefect Obi Wan Kenobi.”

“I’m far from perfect.” Obi Wan said in soft words putting his head down. Siri stopped her anger for a moment and looked at him.

“I’m sorry Kenobi. I…I’m just angry with everything going on. It’s not right for me to take it out on you.”

“No, no. You were absolutely correct. I used to think I had to be prefect, follow all the rules. That’s why Anakin lashed out, if he had someone like you for a Master he’d be fine and none of this would have happened. We’d be stronger because of it, he’d be stronger.” Obi Wan said falling to his knees and putting his head in his hands. Siri didn’t know how to react, she’d never seen Obi Wan act this way, show emotion even, cry. She stepped towards him a little then stopped and struggled to move on to comfort him. She took a deep breath and kneeled next to him running her hand through his hair. He put his arms around her and cried into her shoulder. She moved her hand sighing softly and rubbed his back.

“I…I love you… Too Kenobi.” She said finally swallowing the spit that was building up in her mouth from being nervous. Obi Wan picked his head up slowly and looked at her.

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, I can’t be broke anymore.” She smiled at this and placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed his lips softly.

“I love you. I do, you know I do.”

“Then you have to come with me now. I can’t bear to go to Tatooine without you. And you’d be miserable without me.” Obi Wan said his smile getting a little bigger. Siri smiled back laughing slightly and nodded her head.

“I’ll go with you Kenobi. But please, let me teach the boy saber fighting.” She said with a serious face. He looked back at her in confusion about to dispute her as her straight face turned into a smirk. “C’mon. We’ll go back and tell Yoda and get the boy. We’ll take him to his new mother and father in Tatooine and start our new lives together.” Siri said getting up from the grassy ground. Obi Wan nodded and got to his feet as well and began to walk towards the Temple. He stopped when he realized Siri wasn’t following.

“Aren’t you coming darling?” Obi Wan called towards her. She looked back him and put her hand up for him to wait then to her head holding it. She got up from the grass and got extremely dizzy. The ringing of her own words in her head made her shut her eyes in pain.

“Do you realize we’re going to be together? Something neither of us have done, ever. Are we even capable of loving one another Kenobi? We’re trained Jedi, are we able to even love?” Siri said getting scared of the new life ahead of her. Obi Wan smiled and walked up to her. He kissed her lips softly, pulling back and looking deeply into her eyes.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have known I loved you since the moment you first argued with me and put me in my place. I thought to myself, who is this girl to tell me two years, her senior that I’m wrong! And that’s when I knew, someone that made me think that deeply about something that didn’t even really matter and second guess myself is someone special. Which you are, you’re amazing. Living a million years without knowing you, would be much worse then knowing you for one second one instant then being killed.” He said taking her hand. Siri scoffed to his words and rolled her eyes.

“How long have you been waiting to say that?” She said raising her eyebrow.

“The day you left the Order, I actually had it all planned out.” Obi Wan smiled slightly and guiding her along with him as they left the gardens.