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Tue, Oct. 3rd, 2006, 11:29 pm
isukatthisgame: Parts 3 - 5

Disclaimer: Starwars is not mine nor are the characters or some plot lines. These are for fun not money.

Part 3

The meeting had already begun as Siri waited patiently outside the big doors. She paced back and forth awaiting her verdict. She wondered if Obi Wan had said anything good about her, if he bought up what had happened in the Garden’s. “How stupid could I have been?” Siri said to herself quietly covering her forehead with her hand. “I need to learn to hold my emotions back more, that’s all. I mean I have been gone for years and it was the first time I’ve seen or talked to Obi Wan for more than 10 minutes. Oh Force! What is taking them so long?”

She ran her hand through her hair choppy blonde hair as the doors started to open. She cleared her throat and calmed herself straightening out her tunic as she heard Master Windu’s voice call her into the meeting room. All the Jedi looked her up and down as she walked in the center bowing before the Council.

“We have come to a decision.” Master Windu said in a loud voice. “The Council believes that you are ready to come back to the Force. We will be using you in some difficult and long missions, some by yourself and some with Master Kenobi” Master Windu motioned his hand toward Obi Wan. Her eyes followed his hand to Obi Wan as he nodded his head. Siri turned back looking at Windu with a fierce, serious look. “You two have always worked well together, you’re quick with a light saber as you were before and Obi Wan is good at negotiations. If this mission goes as planed and you come back, we’ll appoint you an apprentice. He’s master had been killed a couple weeks ago and we think he is perfect for you. He’s very tame and is extremely in tune with the force, yet his saber techniques could use some help.” There was a long pause before Master Windu continued. It made Siri squirm a bit, but she thought to herself that it was just a test to see her reactions. “Straight face and strong stance” she said to herself in her head. She made her back straight gripping her hands together tighter.

“We know you are capable of a lot of things. You’re strong, stronger than most Jedi, you always have been. Master Kenobi told us you are still just as fast on your feet as you once were, even with some more tactics and technique. This will come in handy you’ll soon find once you are out on a mission. Things aren’t as simple as they once were when you were younger Siri. There is a lot more training involved and we just hope that you’re as good as Obi Wan told us you are. We trust you will be.”

Siri wasn’t sure if this was the time now for her to speak, but even if it was, what should she say? Thank you sounded too childish and just bowing seemed inconsiderate. She looked around at the Council and Obi Wan caught her eye. He just smiled at her and she smiled back. “Thank you.” She then said turning her face towards Master Windu and Yoda. “I’m extremely honored to be back, and to help out in this war.” She bowed her head and began to walk out.

“Wait a moment.” Yoda said. Siri turned and faced him putting her hands behind her back once more. “A Master you will become. A lot of good I sense in you. Obi Wan will teach you, then an apprentice you shall have.” Siri smiled once more and bowed towards Yoda. “Discuss the mission with you Obi Wan will.”

“Yes.” Master Windu said. “You’ll be getting on a plane with Obi Wan tomorrow at 600 hours. Obi Wan will fill you in on the rest.” The smile left Siri’s face as she became serious about the mission and nodded towards Windu before bowing and leaving the room. As the door closed behind her she stopped and put her hands to her face and then down to her chest and felt her heart racing. She couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling of happiness coming over her. She jumped in the air and screamed. “YES!” Other Jedi around her looked over to her and she put her arms down and began to walk down the hall clearing her throat. “A Jedi Master.” She said softly to herself over and over again until reaching her room.


She heard a knock on the door a few minutes before she settled herself in after the meeting. Obi Wan was standing outside it, she could just feel him there. She pressed her hand against the door before opening it with the force. She stepped back and Obi Wan smiled at her.

“So, that went well.” Obi Wan said patting Siri on the shoulder. She gave him a look and took his hand from her shoulder.

“Come in Kenobi.” Siri said stepping to the side letting him pass. He walked over to her couch and sat down, she stood in front of him looking down. “So, I’m sure you’re here to talk about the mission?” Siri said sitting in a near by chair across from Obi Wan.

“Yes. We’re going on to a small city called Utapau. We’ll use their base as our own as we search for Grievous. He is said to be in near by systems. That’s what we were talking about in the meeting room before you came in. The Council agreed that you and I should go on this together because it’ll be done quickly. I agree, we both do work well together.

“I suppose.” Siri said being cold towards him. She couldn’t shake what had happened earlier. He wanted to make this all about business and missions than she would as well. She is no longer going to be acting as if she were a teenager again. He gave her a look to her cold words and shifted in his seat.

“Are you alright?” He said leaning putting his elbow on his knee. “You seem, off.”

“I’m fine. So if that what our mission is?” Siri said folding her arms and across her chest.

“Well, yes. But there is a little more. We’ll have to think of a way to get to Grievous. He’s very good at hiding and running.”

“So I’ve heard.” Siri said. Obi Wan nodded. “But, we could just think of something when we’re there, which I’m sure will be a whole lot easier because we’ll see the what the area looks like and know what we are working with.” Obi Wan looked at her again with a furrowed brow and stood from his seat.

“I’ll see you on the launch paid tomorrow then. Get some rest.” He said placing his hand on her shoulder this time and slowly gliding his hand down her arm. She embraced his touch but tried to show no emotion to it.


Siri reached the launch pad where Master Windu and Obi Wan were talking with Commander Cody; red leader about their mission. Anakin had just left and walked past her with a smirk stopping her. "I just wanted to say good luck Master, and may the force be with you." He bowed towards her and she smiled back.

"Thank you Anankin." She said and he turned away down the hall.

She walked onto the launch pad and stood their in quiet waiting for the men to finish their dissucssion. Windu then turned towards her after a moment.

“You and Obi Wan will take this ship to Utapau. We believe General Grievous is plotting more about the war. It will lead to you where ever Grievous is. We need to find it and hopefully end this war.” Windu said only to Siri. She looked over at the ship. It was a big one that Obi Wan or she didn’t have to fly, she knew Obi Wan had to be happy about that since he hates to fly. She however always excelled in flying and would love to again.

“Master, if we are to find General Grievous, should we bring him back to question him?” Obi Wan said to Windu.

“He is too dangerous to be kept alive and might escape since he is very good out running away and hiding. Kill him and find the people that work for him, question them if you can.”

Obi Wan bowed before Windu and looked over at Siri. She then did the same and followed Obi Wan on the ship. He went to the front to talk with the pilots to tell them their coordinates. She looked around the cockpit and leaned against the doorframe listening to Obi Wan give orders. He was very good at that.

Siri listened to the two men speak about something she had no idea about. She felt out of place and just wanted to get this mission over and done with, mostly because she had not fought anyone in quite sometime except Kenobi and wanted to see some action. She always had a thirst for action and fighting, not so much for the killing just being in combat and the whole rush of it all. Obi Wan walked past her and sat down on a seat, Siri sat next to him.

“Are you ready?” Obi Wan said looking over at Siri.

“Ready for what? Take off? Yes, I supposed I’m okay with that.” Siri said looking back at him confused.

“No.” He laughed. “Ready for this mission. We haven’t been on a mission together in quite sometime. Have you been anticipating this?”

“I am ready. And I haven’t been anticipating the waiting for the mission to actually begin. I am ready to fight and capture Grievous and stop this war.”

“You haven’t changed then.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She said snapping back.

“Nothing bad, it just means you’re the same you were when you were younger, ready to fight and all.” He said back smiling towards her using calming expressions.

“Yes well, you were always better with negotiating than you were with a light saber.” Siri said with a chuckle.

“Excuse me?” Obi Wan said leaning over on the arm of his seat. “If I can re-call it was me that saved you on many occasion because your mouth was as quick as your light saber.” He raised his eyebrow waiting for her dispute.

“I supposed you’re right.” She said simply. Obi Wan sat back into his seat looking at her with amazement. “What? That was maybe the third time you’ve ever agreed me with about a mission.” He said.

“Well, we have to grow up sometime don’t we.” She said leaning over and patting his knee. She leaned back in her seat and stared at the huge window ahead of her at the stars blending together making streams of white.

Part 4

They landed on Utapau and the people greeted them as they came off the ship. Obi Wan put his hood over his head as Siri looked around for any sigh of Grievous. Obi Wan talked with Port Administrator Tion Medon, while Siri looked up at column after column trying to make out anything.

Then something caught her eye as one of Grievous’ men stood towards the end of a column and looked down at Obi Wan and herself. She put her light saber to her side, trying to not make it visible to Grievous’ men standing high above her with their metal sticks with glowing purple on each end. She walked next to Obi Wan and he looked back at her and nodded. It was like they had an unspoken agreement as they walked in silence back towards the ship. They told the pilots to leave without them. The people of Utapau walked away as the ship took off, and Siri and Obi Wan hid in the shadows watching Grievous’ men watch what they thought to be Obi Wan and Siri’s ship. Grievous’ men walked out of sight while Obi Wan and Siri walked to a corridor to discuss what to do.

“We should find a way to get above them and hear what they plan to do before we just go up there and attack.” Obi Wan said in almost a whisper close to Siri’s ear. She shivered to his hot breath on her skin. She closed her eyes biting hard on her lip as she focused closely to what he was saying.

“Yes, that sounds like a good plan. But how are we going to capture Grievous? I mean there can’t be that many droids up there and even so we can take them.” Siri said looking back towards him. His face was inches away from hers as they both crotched in the dark corridor. She wanted to just move her face closer to his caressing her cheek against his rough bread giving him some human contact. She thought that maybe he had been acting the way he was around her because he was scared of what might happen, scared that he wouldn’t know how to react to her touch. Maybe she should take action and make a move. But, it was too risky and they just started this mission. It wasn’t like her to get so distracted so quickly on a mission usually the urges come after a fight, not before. She didn’t want to mess this up, she couldn’t.

“Does that sound good to you?” Obi Wan asked as he tried to catch Siri’s gaze. She moved her eyes towards his and then away again trying to think of what he said. She couldn’t hear anything over her own thoughts. She thought of anything that caught her attention as her thoughts raced while he spoke, but nothing. She then just nodded her head and hoped that she would know what he was talking about when it actually happened. “Good.” Obi Wan smiled and stood up out of the shadows. “We’ll need a way to get up there. I’m going to speak with Tion Medon again and see what he can do.” He put his hood back over his head and walked away. “Stay here if you see anything happen.” He went into one of the corridors and was gone.

She put her head against the hard stone behind her and clenched her eyes shut tightly. She tried for the life of her to remember what he might have said. Anything that might have sounded like a good idea or something Obi Wan would do and she couldn’t think. Her thoughts kept getting interrupted by his face, and his eyes. She sighed and just looked up to where she saw Grievous’ men standing waiting for Obi Wan to get back. She had to be mindful of her thoughts and concentrate on what was going on with the war and not with Obi Wan. She shook her head putting her head back hard against the stone. She tried to knock the thoughts away and told herself to be focused. This was her last chance at getting back on the Council where she belongs, her last chance to prove she is the Jedi she says she is. She needed to just focus.

She kept looking around keeping her eyes open for anything to happen. Then out in the distance she heard this high pitched noise that made her turn her head and squint to see what was coming. She put her hand to her side where her light saber was and grasped it in her palm. As it came closer she loosened her grip as she saw the brown robe on top of the huge lizard coming to her side. Obi Wan looked down at her and put out his hand.

“Get on. This will be the easiest way to the top without being noticed.” Siri began to put her hand out then stopped.

“Without being noticed? Kenobi, it’s a huge squealing… thing. This is our trick to not being noticeable?”

“His name is Boga and he is not a thing he’s a lizard.” Obi Wan grabbed her hand and pulled her on. She was surprised by his force and strength and she wrapped her arms around his waist. He whipped the reins as the beast started to go in the opposite direction making that same high pitch noise that made Siri squirm. She put her hood over her head to hide herself, even though General Grievous doesn’t know who she is or what she looks like. Obi Wan leaned against her as they climbed the levels of Utapau. Siri gripped her arms tighter around Obi Wan feeling his body though his tunic. She closed her eyes and shook the images away concentrating on what was happening, on the mission.

Obi Wan felt her body against his. Her chest pressed against his back, his free hand held onto on of hers as she braced onto him tighter. He knew that with her grip she wasn’t going to fall but his hand wouldn’t let go of hers.

The creature slowly crept on a level that was above Grievous and his men. It was quiet now, like it knew to be quiet because of what they were doing. Siri and Obi Wan slipped off the saddle and listened in on the meeting going down below. General Grievous paced the floor talking about sending his men to a system in the outer rim. This would be harder to find him if they let him escape. Siri looked over at Obi Wan thinking he would give her a signal or tell her a plan of what they were going to do. She noticed him dropping his robe to the ground. She gave him a worried look and he jumped down in the middle of the droids and Grievous.

“Kenobi wait.” Siri whispered but she was too late. He had already fallen to the ground landing on his feet. She fell to her knees and reached out with the force. All she could feel was him telling her to stay up there until she thought he needed her. She was shocked, Obi Wan never tried to take on this many droids or anything by himself. She was wrong about him, he had changed. This must had been his plan all along, the thing she wasn’t listening to. But, the surprise the manner wasn’t Obi Wan. Anakin must had been rubbing off on him.

She watched him as he moved gracefully with his light saber, going through the droids as if they were air. She could hear him talking with Grievous but she didn’t know what, but she could feel anger coming off Grievous and the pulse coming off Kenobi. She started to breathe heavily herself just by watching him. She gripped onto the metal walk way that she knelt on, leaning down to admire Obi Wan’s movements.

Grievous shown four light sabers now and Siri got to her feet ready to jump but felt Obi Wan holding her back. Just the force touching her made take a step back and regain her thoughts. She caught herself self consciously running her fingertips over the top of her chest. She moved her hand quickly putting it to her side and took a breath. She was starting to get worked up over all of this and she tried to calm herself down. Grievous started to move towards Obi Wan and Siri didn’t care anymore, she dropped down in back of Obi Wan and smiled towards Grievous.

General Grievous stopped in his tracks and looked towards Siri. She rose gracefully and pulled her light saber from her belt that hang around her hips and thumbed it on, a purple lit up the ground beneath her.

“More Jedi scum I have to deal with. Who are you brave Jedi? ” Grievous said.

“Allow for me to introduce myself, I’m Siri Tachi.”

“General Tachi.” Grievous coughed, “Count Dukoo has told me much about you. What was it like to turn you back on the one thing that believed in you?” Grievous said twisting the light sabers in a circle knowing that would get her to react. Siri glared at Grievous and jumped in the air in front of Obi Wan and started to swing. She took off one of his hands as a light saber fell to the ground. Obi Wan came around to the other side and swung catching Grievous’ light saber that was going to catch Siri’s arm. Obi Wan twisting his wrist taking another one of Grievous hands off, until he was left with two. Siri looked into Obi Wan’s eyes and saw his focus and passion as he fought off Grievous. Then the sound of lasers being shot in the air filled the room and Siri and Obi Wan looked over their shoulders to clones coming in. They both smiled slightly then turned back towards Grievous who was coming at them again. Obi Wan reached out with the force and slammed his body against wall. Grievous fell jumping down to a level below Siri and Kenobi. Obi Wan whistled for the animal that was above as it came running over. Obi Wan climbed on top of it and reached for Siri’s hand.

“No. You go after Grievous. I’m going to go back to the Temple and see if there is anywhere else I can help out and to tell them we’ve engaged General Grievous. You don’t need my help here.” Obi Wan nodded and Siri started to run over to a starfighter ship outside.

“Siri!” Obi Wan yelled out. Siri turned around and looked over at Obi Wan, he looked down as if he was searching for words then back at her. “May the force be with you!” He called out again and Siri nodded with a smile.

“May the force be with you Kenobi!” Siri yelled back before turning and getting into a starfighter ship.

Part 5

Siri got back to the Temple and reached the meeting room which was already in progress. She entered the room in a rush.

“Forgive me Master’s but I just came back from Utapau and have news.” Siri said catching her breath.

“Is Master Kenobi alright?” Anakin said getting to the edge of his seat as if he was about to fly out the door to save his friend and master.

“Yes, yes Anakin Obi Wan is fine.” Siri said in a calming voice and smile. “He has however engaged General Grievous. Before I left he was about to pursue him in a chase. The clones arrived and I thought it was a good time for me to go on a mission on my own, somewhere where they needed my help. Obi Wan is capable on his own.” Siri said towards Master Windu and Yoda as if she had to convince them.

“We are well aware of what Obi Wan is capable of. It was you to be the one to learn. But since you are so eager to get out on your own, then we’ll assign you a different mission. The council was just discussing a mission that we were to send Anakin on.” Windu said looking towards Anakin in almost disappointment. “But you’ll do. It is to Mygeeto. It’s a very cold city so I suggest wearing something more to fit the temperature. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi and Commander Bacara are already there engaged in the clone wars as well. You’ll go and help them as there is more land and more droids there. You’ll take a starfighter there and be careful, the glaciers are very hard to maneuver around. Commander Bacara will give you the coordinates.” Siri bowed and turned to the door and walked out of slowly. As the doors shut behind her she took off down the hall to her room. She grabbed her robe and threw it around her shoulders before running down to the launch pad where a starfighter was ready for her. She jumped in and Bacara came up in front of her to transmit the coordinates she needed.

“Thank you again Master Tachi. We need another fighter here, the droid just seem to keep coming.”

“Not to worry, I’ll be there as soon as possible.” Siri said taking off. She reached a hyperspace transporting ring and went off through the galaxy.

The hyperspace transporting stopped just outside the planet of Mygeeto. Siri flew her starfighter down to a landing pad on the republics side. She could see light sabers and lasers going through the snowy air. She hugged herself wrapping her robe around her tighter. She was worried that she should have changed before leaving but was too excited. But, as soon as she became in combat she’d warm up.

She ran over to a Clone commander and asked for Commander Bacara. He heard his name as she spoke and came over to her removing his helmet.

“We’re glad you came so quickly Siri. Master Ki-Adi-Mundi is over there.” He pointed with his glove and she squinted through the snow and saw his light saber bouncing off a laser and hitting a droid. This made Siri smile something one on one like Obi Wan had to deal with as he was with Grievous wasn’t her thing. As much as she enjoyed having Obi Wan’s company in battle, she needed be on her own and have a much wider verity of things to battle. She thanked Bacara and ran over to Master Ki-Adi-Mundi’s side stopped a laser that was aimed for his back.

He turned in surprise to see Siri there light saber drawn ready for battle but quickly smiled to it as well, before returning to the fight. Siri but her back to his and turned her light saber guarding off lasers that came crashing through the snow aimed for her. She twisted her body and her light saber back and forth as the laser being shot at her bounced off hitting the droids that shot them. She began to walk faster stepping over the droids she previously killed without looking down, keeping her eyes on the lasers and her focus.

She then began to feel something in the pit of her stomach, something uncertain, not right. She looked back at Master Ki-Adi-Mundi and the Clones behind them. She couldn’t quite make out what was happening as snow began to fall heavier around them, but she saw the clones make a stance towards the two of them. She looked towards Ki-Adi-Mundi worried with wild eyes and took a deep breath. His eyes danced back and forth between the clones as they took aim. Siri dodged them and caught a laser in her arm. She landed behind a glacier that was in-between two metal platforms.

“Just a flesh wound.” She said to herself. “Get up before you get killed.” She took a breath and pressed with her hands on the cold white ground and go to her feet. Blood pulsed out of the wound as her heart beat increased. She never really felt scared before, but she never seen an army turn on Jedi before. She leaned down and started to move slowly through the snow behind the glacier, she knew the clones and droids couldn’t see her there.

She came to the end of the glacier and looked around the corner. She could see two clones standing there guarding her starfighter. She all of a sudden felt anger creep up inside of her and jumped out behind the clones and struck them with her light saber. Their bodies went limp and fell to the ground. She thumbed her light saber off and looked down at them.

“Two, just two. Please.” She said to herself as she stepped over their bodies. She went towards her starfighter as three more clones stepped out from a corridor. Siri sighed and looked down. “Seriously guys, three? You can do better than that can’t you?” She said. The clones all looked at one another then back at her presenting their guns. Siri sighed again rolling her eyes. “Fine.” She said before thumbing on her light saber and leaping in the air, kicking a clone to the side before slashing her light saber through another, spin kicking the last. The two that remain alive got to their feet. Siri could feel them rise to their feet as she turned around pushing one down again using the force, as he hit the groud he shot off his gun and hit Siri’s left leg. She closed her eyes and opened them pushing out her anger instead of feeling her pain. The other clone that stood before her shot their gun trying to stop the crazed looking Jedi coming after him, she caught the laser shot with her light saber before it hit her. The bounce hit him in the chest. “And then there was one.” She said with a smile, flipping towards them and slashing through their neck, cutting their head clean off. She shook her head and turned back towards her ship. Her limbs ached now so she cut off a piece of her robe on the end and tied it around her arm to stop the bleeding, her thigh she just didn’t think about trying to ignore the pain. She turned around and saw a fleet of clones racing towards her. She opened the cockpit with the force and hobbled inside it. She closed the door as it sealed shut and pressed a button to take off. Laser flew by her window as she went into atmosphere.

She put her hand to her head and tried to regain what just went on. Clones attacked and killed Jedi, tried to kill her. She thought of how happy Obi Wan and she seemed when they came to rescue them. She shook her head violently at this and closed her eyes. She couldn’t think straight and then stopped thinking at all. It was like her mind stopped and echoed Obi Wan. Did he die? Has he been killed? “Oh my…” She looked out towards the nothingness, towards the black and white ahead of her and put her head in her hands. She wanted to cry, but nothing came. She looked up again and put her head back on the seat and her hands back on the controls. She had to remain calm. Begin a Jedi means to let go of things, even things you love. Love, did she even love him? She must if she is this upset about him. Of course she loved him, why is she even considering differently. Everyday she was gone from the order all she thought about was him. “Why didn’t I just tell you when I had the chance Kenobi?” She screamed out into the nothingness, thinking something would come back, retaliate. But nothing but silence came. She took a breath in and shook her head remembering her duty to the Jedi to the Order.

She was startled when a blue figure appeared in front of her.

“Master Jedi, identify yourself.” She looked closely at the figure and felt a bit of relief once she saw it was Senator Organa.

“It’s me Senator, Siri.” She said in a soft voice. She then realized he too could be apart of the war and the rebellion. She looked at him in worry before he spoke.

“We just rescued Master Yoda from Kashyyyk. Are you harmed?” He spoke gentle and if Yoda trusted him then she should too.

“No, but my clone army turned on me and Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. He is dead.” There was silence as Bail bowed his head.

“We’ll send you our coordinates.” He said as he lifted his head. The figure went away and Siri was focused once again towards the blankness ahead of her.

She followed the coordinates to a ship hovering in the atmosphere. She flew underneath it as doors opened up and she flew up inside the ship. The doors closed as she landed her ship. Her cockpit opened and she jumped out. The senator’s guards greeted her as she rushed past them. They followed her and brought her to Yoda and Senator Organa. Blood ran down her leg and soaked her rode and made her dark leather red. The robe around the wound on her arm was soaked even more then the robe that touched her thigh. Her hair was damped from the snow, her cheeks bright red from being flushed and her lips a shade lighter than her skin tone. Senator Organa looked at her with worried eyes and put his arm around her back seeing if the touch would calm her. Her eyes were calm but her body language spoke for itself.

“We’ll take you to the medical room. They’ll take care of your wounds.” His words were muffled as Siri looked down each hallway looking for any other Jedi, looking for Obi Wan. Bail sat her down on a chair in a white medical room. One of Bail’s handmaids dabbed a swab into some solution that stung Siri’s nostrils as she applied it to her skin. Siri stared forward not seeing anything, not feeling anything. She barely moved when the medicine that the handmaid applied seeped into Siri’s wound, dissolving the dry blood around it. The handmaid looked up at Siri’s face and frowned seeing that Siri made no expression, nothing. Siri felt numb. Numb to feeling, numb to her surroundings, she broke her stare and looked down at her hands.

She then heard something coming from the hallway and got to her feet without speaking or looking at the handmaid as she walked away from her.

“Master Siri I have to finish…” Before she could finish her sentence, Siri left the room and turned a hallway. She squinted at first then her eyes became wide as she started to limp down the hallway, getting more strength in her leg starting to run. She embraced him without even thinking of Yoda standing there or Senator Organa. He was in mid-sentence but she didn’t care. She pulled him so hard to her body in such a surprise that he stumbled and had to put most of his body weight on her to regain balance.

“Siri, you’re alright.” He said as he put his arms around her holding her tightly against him, now that his heart caught up to what his body was doing. She pulled away and looked at him, those eyes. She ran her hand slowly down his cheek. He smiled to her touch, something he thought he’d never feel again and pulled her towards him once more. She breathed in taking in his smell. He smelt of distilled water and dirt, but she didn’t care it was his smell.

“Obi Wan I thought I’d never see you again.” She said pulling back once more and putting her hands to the side of his face. He looked down at her as if he felt the same way and put his hands on hers. He wanted to bring them up to his lips and softly kiss her fingers, but stopped himself remembering that Yoda was standing there. Siri looked over at Yoda and stepped back from Obi Wan, not being able to make her grin fade away.

“Master we should go back to the Temple and stop any remaining Jedi from going there. If that is what the message is saying then we should re-route it and send a different one saying to stay away. With the three of us we will be able to defeat the droids or clones that await us there.”

“At least the ones at the entrance.” Siri added.

“But as soon as we get inside there won’t be many left alive.” Obi Wan corrected her. She nodded in agreement and looked down at Yoda.

“Settled it is, go back to the Temple we will, re-code the message.” Yoda said with a nod towards Obi Wan. He nodded back and turned to walk down the hallway with Senator Organa and Siri. Siri signed to herself when Yoda started to talk again to Senator Organa and their landing. They walked towards the front of the ship to sit in the cockpit with the pilots. Siri noticed this and grabbed Obi Wan’s hand from behind him.

She pulled him into a small corridor and put her hands to the back of his head forcing his lips to hers. His whole body went stiff at first, not expecting the quickness she came about this. As if she had it planed the whole time. He then sank into her body, running his hands over her sides feeling her soft skin. He tilted his head slightly as she opened her mouth welcoming her tongue with his. He moved his hands to the wall pushing his body away from his slightly trying to regain himself. Her lips still clung to his until she pulled away from them with a smile. He let out a sigh looking into her eyes as she put her head back against the wall. She ran her index finger along his hairline brushing a piece that fell into his eye. He smiled to her touch and took her hand in his and brought it to his lips. He closed his eyes and he began to press his lips against her fingertips softly. She watched him as his lips opened and closed against her skin and bit down on her bottom lip trying to hold back any sound. She took her other hand and ran it slowly down the side of Obi Wan’s face and brought his body into hers in an embrace. They both stood there for a moment just holding one another, without words, without movement.

Siri then slowly pulled back. “We should get to the front of the ship.”

“Yes.” Obi Wan nodded stepping back into the hallway. He looked around a little seeing if Yoda or one of the Senator’s guards or handmaids had seen anything. Not that it really mattered. The walked down the hall together in silences. Their minds both caught up with them and they began to feel the regret coming over them. They reached the cockpit and took a seat on opposites sides.

“One of Senator Palpatine’s men asked me to come for a meeting about the Jedi take over.” Senator Organa said to Siri and Obi Wan as they both sat down. “Do you believe it could be a trap?” He asked Obi Wan.

“No, I don’t think so. The Senator needs all the people of the republic to back him up if he wishes to stay in office.” Obi Wan said looking towards Bail then back at Yoda for him to be backed up on his opinion. Yoda nodded in agreement.

"This is at least a good way for me to land my ship at the Temple without any suspicion.” Bail said looking towards Obi Wan, then over to Yoda. The two Jedi Masters nodded their heads in agreement.